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5 Tips for Building Your New Dream Home in Boise, Idaho

Moving to a city like Boise, Idaho is as exciting in theory as it is stressful in practice. A huge thing to consider is whether you’re looking to buy a house already on the market, or whether you’d be interested in building from scratch. The process of bidding for a new home might sound exciting, but it requires a lengthy search, expenses, and dealing with neighboring competition. Construction might seem daunting, but there are many advantages to building from scratch, so it’s an option that is worth thinking about.

Quite aside from anything else, it can be hard to know if a ready-made house is being overvalued or undervalued. When you’re building your own, you can see the cost breakdown upfront and understand first-hand what you’re paying for.

Below you can find some top ideas to bear in mind when you’re thinking about building your new home from scratch in Boise.

1) Build a Home That’s Made For Your Family

Whether you’ve got a family of five or you’re flying solo, one benefit of designing a home from scratch is that you can really make it fit your needs – and your future plans! If you’re hoping to bring a life into the world someday soon, it’s better to have a room built for a small child than a converted guest room, for example.

The outside space is something you can equally give thought to. If you’re thinking that one day you’ll want an area with a basketball hoop (or if you want one straight away), that’s something you can have right off the bat. If you’ve got plans for an herb garden, make sure it’s not something you keep putting off year after year, and put down the plans from day one. It’s also easier to make space for a pool if you think this feature might be in your future.

2) Size Matters

Similarly, when you’re working from scratch, you can size rooms to fit your interests.

Keen on home cooking? Get yourself kitted out with a nice big kitchen.

Lounge lizard? Make sure there’s room for that giant sofa you’ve always dreamed of.

Whatever your plans, you can make your new home ready for the life you want.

3) Find The Right People to Help You

It’s vital that you don’t take this journey alone. Finding a good builder who will stick with you every step of the way and help you to realize your plans is essential.

Get in touch with established and trusted Boise home builders. When you work with pros that know the neighborhood, they’ll talk you through potential costs, the area you’re considering building in, and exactly what would suit your family’s needs.

4) Use Your Space Productively

If you’ve got a lot of sentimental possessions and furniture you can’t imagine living without, you can make space for all of it. No more ‘where do we put grandma’s beautiful dresser?’ – you can have that space designated within your building plans.

5) Get the Most Out of Your Budget

When building from scratch, it’s as much about deciding what you don’t want as what you do. If there are costly parts of a pre-built house that you feel you’d have no need for, the good news is that when building from scratch, you can circumvent the costly extras by simply not including them.

Bottom Line

Whatever your ideas are for the perfect home, getting in touch with a good builder to discuss what might be possible puts the excitement right back into moving. Start building your plans for a new life today!

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