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5 Things To Keep Your Eyes Out For Before Picking Up The Keys To Your New Used Car

It’s exciting, isn’t it? No more walking to the shops in sweltering heat. Begging your roommate to give you a ride to the shops just so that you can get food. Or even worse, paying horrendous uber prices to go visit friends, or even loved ones.

It’s finally time for you to get your own set of wheels!

But wait, what happens if I choose the wrong car? What happens if the car comes with hundreds of expensive little problems that end up costing me a fortune, what if…

Whoa, slow down tiger. That’s what the point of this article is. Our aim is to help you find the perfect used car for you without any unnecessary hidden costs. At least, that’s our plan.

How do we plan to do this?

Through this article, we have five of the best tips to help you ensure you get the best set of wheels for your budget possible. Well, ready to get your set of keys?

There Are Questions That Need To Be Answered!

When you are buying a brand-spanking new car – everything is straight forward. The car comes with specs, and you get what you receive.

However, used cars need to be handled, more…cautiously.

You see, over the years – as you know cars tend to age, and show their signs of aging through wear and tear and faulty mechanics. Which is why it is important to go in there knowing exactly what to ask to determine how much of a risk the new car can be.

Questions, such as:

  1. Do you have the records of the vehicle?
  2. Have there been any major repairs done to the vehicle?
  3. Has the vehicle been in an accident?

This line of questioning will help you figure out whether or not there will be hidden problems that need fixing. For a full list of appropriate questions to ask, check out this link.

After all, the last thing you want to be doing is calling up your attorneys because you got sold a lemon for a car.

There Are Fees To Be Wary Of

Investing in a car is a huge expense. It’s your set of wheels to finally get from A to B. However, what a lot of first-time buyers don’t realize is that usually, there are always hidden fees that need to be budgeted for.

For example, if you are purchasing the vehicle from a dealership, you will have to worry about things such as tax registration, and documentation fees.

If you don’t recognize any fees that are listed out on the final price, don’t be afraid to ask. Rather be safe than sorry, right?

Rushing Is The Easiest Way To End Up In An Accident

Ever heard of the saying, “Speed kills?”

Well, it could not be any truer then it already is when it comes to investing in your first used-car. Obviously, you don’t want to overpay for something that should cost only a fraction of the price, right?

That is why it is important to shop around. Don’t be afraid to window shop, ask questions – browse different dealerships. Who knows your dream car might be there for a snatch of a price. However, you will never know unless you take the time to look.

Test Driving The Vehicle Is Not Optional

The biggest mistake we see new buyers making when it comes to investing in a used car is not evaluating it properly. Sure, you can look at the exterior for marks, or smell the interior for smoggy smoke fumes.

However, none of this will give you the important answer – is the vehicle working as it should be?

Which is where test-driving the vehicle will become extremely important. Regardless of how pristine the vehicle is, make sure you get to take it around the block. This will help you identify any rattling sounds or problems with the vehicle that may cost you a pretty penny down the line.

Knowing Your Credit Score Is Important When Shopping With A Dealership

Everyone wants to save a few bucks, right? Whether it’s coupons at your friendly Walmart or a couple of thousand dollars off your car – it’s the same thing at the end of the day.

When it comes to shopping around, you need to understand what a risk you are to the dealership. And the only way to do that, is to understand whether you have a good, bad, or mediocre credit score.

This will give you leveraging power when it comes to negotiating your interest rates on the vehicle. Which can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by the time the vehicle is paid off in full.

Well, there you have it. Our five tips to help you make sure you buy an operational vehicle that will finally solve those sore legs at the end of the day, good luck!

3 thoughts on “5 Things To Keep Your Eyes Out For Before Picking Up The Keys To Your New Used Car

  1. Thanks Heather,
    The points you have highlighted in this article is very Worthwhile. I am willing to buy a used car from my uncle. I will definitely check these points in his car. I love to read all your articles!

  2. It is really important to check there are no major repairs done to the vehicle or it would be done properly and that kind of issue never happen in the future. For that, you need to check the whole history of that vehicle. Thanks for the article!

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