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5 Things About Couponing That You Didn’t Know!

5 Things About Couponing That You Didn't Know!

Everybody loves to get a bargain and save some money for the family. Couponing is a good way of doing that. But do you know everything there is to know about couponing? Maybe not. Read on to make sure.

You can use them online for travel and services, as well as food in store

We often think of couponing as a physical thing, you go into a store with your clipped pieced of paper, and then they give you a free or discounted product. But that isn’t the case. You may be missing out on some fantastic offers if you are thinking that way. Coupons can be used for all sorts of things including services and travel. Check the online coupon sites like Groupon and Wowcher for great deals across a range of different things. You can save money on nearly everything you buy, from getting your hair done to a fun day out with the kids, so don’t limit yourself to in-store vouchers.

You can get free money by shopping online

It is worth looking for coupons and shopping online for another reason too. Some online payment providers offer special deals when you top up your wallet, like this Paytm Coupon 100% Cashback on the Recharge of Rs. 100+. They give you cash back as an incentive to add money to your account. It’s is always worth taking a peek online for these as you can double your money very quickly as easily.

You need the barcode intact

Going back to store coupons, have you ever had a coupon rejected? This can be a real pain if you have planned a meal around that item. If you are going for an extreme shop, where you want the checkout totally to be 0, it can be disastrous! It might be that the barcode on the coupon was not showing fully, This can happen when you cut a piece of the coupon off by accident. To prevent this use a mini paper cutter and only trim a few coupons at a time. Then none of your precious hauls will go to waste.

4 Things About Couponing That You Didn't Know!

You need to check the stores multiple coupon policies

Another reason that a store can reject a paper coupon, is if they have a maximum use policy. Some shops only allow a maximum of 10 coupons per person, per transaction. If this happens to you, you will have to split your shop between multiple people. Phone a friend or ask your husband to come in from the care to help.

You need to organize your coupons

Whether you are using online paper coupons, one of the most important thing you need to know is how to keep them organized. There is no point spending that time searching for and collecting them, if you can’t lay your hands on the ones you need easily. Paper coupons can be stored in plastic ring binders you can learn to make here. For e- coupons it’s easier if you email them to your own account and then you can set up folders by product type or expiration date to keep them organized.


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