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5 Stores With Free Shipping During The Holidays

5 Stores With Free Shipping During The HolidaysOne of the biggest challenges for online shoppers (even for those with money to burn) is finding a way to spend the least in shipping and handling costs. Based on recent studies, the average cost of ground shipping in US stores is $7.00 per two-pound package.

International shipping costs are directly related to the destination and shipping point, but are typically much higher than ground shipping. Currently, some of the top reasons for abandoned shopping carts are the high shipping and handling costs that merchants charge.

No one enjoys the feeling of having to pay those extra add-ons and many people will simply abandon their shopping carts instead of paying these fees! In fact, many of them will simply go to the store to pick up the item instead of paying shipping charges.

The good news is that there are five stores that allow you to safely shop while providing you with free shipping coupons and offers. In fact, these stores not only provide discounted items but when you shop with them, you don’t have to worry about any shipping charges! How cool is that?

Best Buy

Best Buy announced this past October 30th that they will be waiving shipping fees this holiday season. Best Buy is a multinational US company that specializes in consumer electronics. Some of its subsidiaries are Pacific Sales, Geek Squad and Magnolia Audio.

Best Buy usually charges a minimum of $35 shipping fee for every order, but in the spirit of the season and with an intense desire to improve shoppers’ convenience, they have launched this spectacular offer. For 15 US metro areas, they also offer same-day delivery through a partnership with Deliv, a Silicon Valley startup company.


The second largest discount store in the country is also offering free holiday ground shipping starting in November and until December 23, 2017. The company has also launched Borderfree, a website that offers members local payment, pre-payment of duties and taxes, tracking, and reliable shipping, to the following countries: Canada, India, Ireland, Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico and the UK.

And the best news is that Target does not require a minimum purchase amount. The downside (if you can consider it one) is that Target will stick to its standard delivery schedule of 3-5 business days so you can’t wait until the last minute to do your shopping!

Accessory Geeks

For all your cell phone accessories, office supplies, sports, home, car accessories and beauty needs, Accessory Geeks offers free shipping to all US locations, US territories and Canada with no minimum purchase. You’ll love their $8.88 section and knock-out clearance prices. Best of all, their free shipping policy is year-round!


Sears’ Holiday Blow-Out offers a wide range of discounted items on top of free shipping for any purchase over $49. This offer is valid for Kmart and Sears websites. The free shipping is the standard 3-5 days, and express shipping comes at a cost. If you are interested, you can also sign up for their current promotion, Shop Your Way Max, which offers free shipping, no credit card required, and no obligation under its 90-day trial.

Amazon Non-Prime

Amazon has finally decided to offer a sweet deal to all non-Prime members: free shipping. However, there is a $25 minimum purchase and the delivery can take up to eight business days. There’s also another clause: if you order several items, the 8-day shipping countdown will only start after all items are ready for delivery. Of course, this is a teaser to get you to become a Prime member, but if you’re not in a rush and you get your order in early, you should be fine as a non-Prime member.

There you go! Happy holidays and have a great time online shopping! Beyond the websites listed above, hundreds of other online retailers offer free shipping offers during the holidays, we recommend you check out Coupon Cause to see if your favorite stores has a free shipping code available before you order. Or, you can just ask a friend or relative to hand-carry it home to you when they come for the holidays!

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