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5 Steps to choosing a toilet for your home

The toilet is regarded as an essential part of any home. But for most individuals, choosing an appropriate toilet can be a challenging engagement. The most popular considerations when selecting a toilet usually include the toilet shape, design and flushing ability.

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Here are 5 steps to choosing a toilet for your home:

  • High water efficiency

The toilet you install in your house has the ability to consume many gallons of water every single month, increasing your water bill significantly. Older toilet models used more water than newer varieties. The acceptable gallons per flush (gpf) recommended by federal and international standards is 1.6 gpf. Currently, toilet manufacturers have adopted ingenious designs to reduce water wastage when you flush. Such designs include creating a bigger trap-way that minimizes clogging.

  • Choose the type of toilet you require

There are numerous toilet categories based on their shapes, sizes and orientations. The one-piece toilet, for instance, has a bowl that is directly connected to its tank. Its design is different from the two-piece toilet whose bowl and water tank are separated. Two-piece toilets are extremely popular across the globe, making their prices highly competitive. If you own a small bathroom, your best choice would be to install a modern compact toilet. These save on space and waste less water. Other varieties include the round bowl toilet, square toilet and tankless toilet.

  • Type of flushing technology used

Gone are the days when people had to tug on a dangling lever to flush their toilets. Today, some toilets utilize touchless flush, a cutting-edge technology that allows users to flush their toilets by simply waving their hand across an electronic sensor. Single and dual flush technologies also exist – single flush toilets use a maximum of 1.5 gallons of water per flush, making them quite water efficient. Dual flush toilets have two flush modes: full flush mode handles solid matter while light flushes are used to drive off liquid waste.

  • Bowl shape and height of the seat

Before selecting a comfortable toilet for your home, it’s important to consider the bowl shape. Some bowls come with a round front while others have a compact shape. Round-front varieties are ideal for bathrooms with small spaces and can also occupy tiny rooms. But if comfort is of the essence, choose toilets with compact-elongated bowls. When it comes to seat height, get a toilet that possesses a 17-inch standard height.

  • Toilet price

Toilet costs vary depending on their make, design and integrated technologies. Although traditional toilets could cost as little as $100, they have escalated operating costs that make them quite unattractive. Advanced toilets come with intelligent technologies (such as touchless flush) that make them relatively pricier compared to older models. They could cost $5,000 on average. Before buying a toilet, create a suitable budget and search for a toilet that falls within your budget range.

For the best results, follow these 5 steps when selecting an appropriate toilet for your home.

3 thoughts on “5 Steps to choosing a toilet for your home

  1. I like that you mentioned that there are numerous categories of toilets based on shapes and orientations. My wife and I are considering ergonomically designed toilets. We could use some tips from an expert interior designer who specializes in Shop High Efficiency Toilets.

  2. Very good brief information about the most relevant items to consider when buying a toilet.
    I would also add whether you like a one or two piece toilet. One piece toilets are more expensive in general, but appear more luxurious.

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