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5 Improvements Worth Splurging On In Your Old Home

Your old home could be in need of some improvements – whilst these improvements could be expensive, they could save you huge costs in the long run. Here are just 5 improvements worth investing in if you own an old property.

New plumbing

If your home has old pipes, these could be starting to fur up and degrade. If you’ve been having leaks or have noticed a problem with the water quality/pressure in certain parts of the house, it could be a clear sign that your plumbing is giving in. You may not have to replace your entire plumbing system, but it could be worthwhile replacing certain sections if you don’t want to be cursed with future leaks. Companies as found at sites such as https://www.mrrooter.ca can help to deal with your plumbing issues. A plumber may also be able to recommend features such as water pressure regulators, tank-less water heaters and other devices that could help modernize your home’s water system.

New electrics

If your home has old wiring, this too could be starting to degrade and will need to be overlooked by an electrician. If fuses keep tripping or lights start dimming when certain appliances are on, it could be a sign that wiring is failing. Old types of wiring – particularly original knob and tube wiring – is very prone to degrading and in some cases this can be dangerous, posing a possible fire risk. Consider getting in touch with an electrical company such as https://www.stselectric.com/ and see what can be done to upgrade your electrics. Old homes could require other electrical improvements such as fitting extra sockets. You could even fit a smart meter or install solar panels.


Older homes tend to also be uninsulated. This can result in a lot of unnecessary heat loss, resulting in higher heating bills during the winter. There are many forms of insulation – one of the most effective forms of insulation is loft insulation which could help prevent a lot of heat loss. Upgrading your windows to double glazing could meanwhile prevent heat being lost through the glass. As for you walls, you can also consider cavity wall insulation to prevent heat being lost this way. Insulation can be costly to install, but you’ll eventually make up costs in energy savings.

Better security

It could also be worth investing in a few security upgrades for your home. Old doors are fairly flimsy compared to modern doors – consider upgrading your front door for something new to help ward off burglars. You could also consider getting new window frames with locks and even a burglar alarm.

New roofing

If you’ve got an old roof, this might also be worth replacing. Your old roof might not only be losing heat, it could be letting in moisture and pests. If you’ve had problems with leaks or pests getting in your attic, consider investing a new roof. A new roof can dramatically improve curb appeal and increase your property’s value, which could be useful if you’re planning on selling up in the near future.

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