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5 Frugal Mommy Tips That Will Save Money Every Month

5 Frugal Mommy Tips That Will Save Money Every Month

Whether you have a baby on the way, or already have a little one who has entered into the world recently, you’re always going to have the thought of money on your mind. Furthermore you’ll always have questions running through your head like ‘What will I do if I end up struggling?’ or ‘How will I make sure that I have enough money every time I need to go out and by nappies and baby food?’. Well, with these 5 frugal mommy tips, your money issues will become less of a problem at the end of each month.


  • Do not buy until you’re completely out of stock – This is something that we’re all guilty of: buying a new batch of products when we see that we have a third of it left in our jars, until one day you will end up with have 3 batches that could last you for around 4 months. Apart from the baby essentials that you’re going to need, discipline yourself to not buy your favorite product, whether it would be a condiment or a facial cream, until it is all gone. Everything. Gone as in you can’t scrape the last bit of it from the jar any more.


  • Reuse your plastics – We consume more plastic than we would ever admit, whether it would be drink bottles, takeaway tupperware, or cosmetic containers. If you want a small but effective way to save money and do your bit to save the environment, reuse your plastics for pre-made meals, object containers, or even for liquid holders instead of buying ones from a store when you go traveling (just make sure that they’re clear plastic though).


  • Collect as many coupons as you can – Coupons are still popular today as they were 50 years ago, and many people neglect how beneficial they can be when they want to have a bit more money left over from their weekly shop at the groceries. Whenever you get the chance, collect as many coupons as you can and use them so that you’ll have some bucks left over in case you run out of nappies or baby formula one day.


  • Buy from your local shop instead of supermarkets – You’ll be surprised to see how fresh fruits and vegetables from a supermarket are more expensive than the ones you would purchase from a local store down the street. If it’s mainly fresh groceries that you buy on a weekly basis, see what your local store would have on offer instead of buying a ridiculous amount of money, where you’d probably spend more money on gas for when driving there and back.


  • Collect as many hand-me-downs as you can – Did you know that baby clothes that were already worn by a friend’s or relative’s child provides your baby with good luck? You can pass it on to your baby, or babies, and save money at the same time by asking them if they have any clothes that their children cannot fit into any more. Just make sure that they’re thoroughly washed with fabric softener beforehand, if you’re worried that the texture of the fabrics might irritate your baby’s skin.

See, you won’t have to break the bank, or try to win as many jackpots as you could on casino sites like Wizard Slots and gambling in the UK just so you have enough savings in your bank account for a rainy day, but please play these online gambling games responsibly. With these 5 frugal mommy tips, you’ll be able to save money every month without putting in any hard effort whatsoever.

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