5 Facts that are helpful to know about kratom

Kratom is native to some parts of southern Asia and it comes from a tree known as the Mitragyna speciosa. The leaves are rich in psychoactive properties which make it popular due to the different benefits it exhibits. To top up the additional resources of information about kratom and its supplements, here are some useful facts about it;

Helps to boost the immune system

While kratom is endowed with several health benefits, it is an excellent immune booster. Extracts from the kratom leaves were used in the past as herbs. These extracts are good antioxidants in the natural form making them an excellent prevention for any free radicals to the body. Several studies carried out have proven that kratom can impact the function of the immune system by boosting its capabilities and resilience.

It relieves pain

Kratom leaves have an analgesic effect on the body’s hormonal system and as a result, it helps to relieve pain throughout your body in a short period of time. By chewing the leaves, the dopamine and serotonin levels increase in the body lessening the pain. These two alkaloids take the edge off the pain receptors in the body, and this property makes one of the major reasons why kratom leaves are sought after by many people.

Can reduce anxiety

Kratom has also unveiled the ability to reduce anxiety and other conditions related to chemical imbalances in the body. The kratom leaves regulate the hormones responsible for these chemical imbalances, relieving you of any symptoms linked to them. Apart from anxiety, people also suffering from depression, mood swings, and chronic stress find relief using the kratom leaves.

It is addictive

Chewing kratom leaves or taking it in form of powder supplements for a long period of time may be addictive. Independent reports have shown that some people developed tolerance and experienced withdrawal symptoms after they stopped using the drug. However, studies done have revealed that the withdrawal symptoms were mild and lasted for at least one day for some subjects after they stopped using it. While kratom is addictive itself, it is used in many occasions to aid addiction recovery for drugs like opium. This is because it provides a similar sensation to that of opium but with no negative side effects.

It has side effects

Referencing to a study done by an associate professor of psychiatry known as Marc Swogger, kratom has side effects that are relatively mild when compared to other opiates. Some of these side effects include; mild sedation, vomiting, itching, and stomach upset. Also, while some kratom users have claimed to suffer from kratom hangovers the morning after use, there are other psychotic symptoms linked to the use of kratom like hallucination, mental confusion, and delusion. More studies done have associated the continuous use of kratom with cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and drug dependency.

Bottom line

Kratom is popularly used and known for the distinct benefits it has on human health. Although the side effects are said to be mild, it can be addictive so it is important to weigh its effects before indulging especially by people who have had substance abuse problems.

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