5 Eye Care Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

Our eyes are one of the most important organs in our body, and they’re often overlooked. But just like how our other organs need to be looked after, our eyes need care too. 

Being mindful of the stress you’re putting on your eyes. Habits like looking away from your phone or computer screens often can make a real difference in whether you’ll need glasses when you grow older. Find out which vision plan can cover frequent checkups and is best for your needs, and make sure you catch any eye problems before they get too extreme. A timely response is key when it comes to these issues. 

Here are some of the eye care tips you’ll wish you knew sooner! 


  • No Smoking! 


Smoking doesn’t just spell disaster for your lungs- smoking causes blindness as well. Studies have proven that smoking causes cataracts, damages the optic nerve, and even the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the eye. It can even cause muscular degeneration around the eyes, and there’s no cure for that.

The only things you can do when it comes to these issues is focus on prevention and kick old habits that encourage the development of these diseases. 

If you’ve tried to quit and failed, you can ask your doctor for help, or even employ the help of your friends and family to help keep cigarettes and temptation away from you. 


  • Eat Carefully 


Our eyes need certain nutrients and important vitamins to function well. Vitamin C and E help keep age-related vision problems away, while many other nutrients decrease our chances of developing poor eyesight or any eye diseases dramatically.

Try eating more green vegetables, fatty fish and non-meat food that’s rich in protein to help support optic health. Citrus fruits like oranges help dramatically too. 

How? Not only do they contain nutrients that promote the health of your eyes, but they also decrease your chances of developing issues like obesity and type 2 diabetes- both these issues are some of the biggest causes of blindness in adults. 


  • Take Breaks From Electronics 


Continuous use of computer and mobile phone screens spell disaster for our eyes. If you have a job that has you staring at the computer for hours on end, be careful.

Make it a point to look away from the screen every twenty minutes, focus your eyes on an object at least twenty feet away for twenty seconds. This will help your eyes relax and take some stress out of them, keeping the long-term effects of this kind of stress on your eyes at bay. 

You can even get glasses that filter blue light, adjust the brightness on your screen to minimize glare and use some lubricating eye drops when your eyes feel too dry from all the staring, but don’t forget to blink! 


  •  Wear Sunglasses 


Sunglasses aren’t just a great fashion statement- they offer real protection to your eyes. Protection is crucial in keeping problems like cataracts and macular degeneration at bay in the long run. 

5 Eye Care Tips You'll Wish You Knew Sooner

Exposure to UV rays wreaks havoc to your eyes, and it’s very important to select the right pair of glasses and keep them on when you step out into the sun. The ideal pair would be one that keeps out over 99% to 100% UV rays, and polarized lenses offer some extra protection from harsh, glaring light. It’s even easy and affordable to get prescription sunglasses from online retailers, these days.


  • Wear Eye Protection 


Your eyes are one of the most vulnerable organs in the body- part of them is almost continuously exposed to the environment. It’s not unheard of for the eyes to get injured in an accident.  

If you have a job that has you working with materials that could be harmful to your eyes, always wear eye protection on the job. You’re better off inconveniencing yourself a little every day than regretting not wearing eye protection later in life if something happens. 

When you’re out and about every day, don’t ignore how important your eyes are in helping you function. Eat things that are good for your eyes, stay away from things that could hurt them and don’t put too much stress on them either.

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  1. Thanks for explaining to me that smoking habits can also damage our optic nerves and cause cataracts. My father is a habitual smoker and I’m afraid that this might be the reason for the blurry vision he’s mentioned recently. I think it’s time for me to persuade him to stop smoking and visit an expert in ophthalmology.

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