5 Amazing Subscription Boxes to Gift This Christmas

Finding for the ideal gift can be difficult. You may find yourself running around at the last minute trying to find the perfect cologne for your husband or the right video game for your son. Some people are just really hard to shop for. Luckily, more and more options have come about that make gift-giving a little easier, such as subscription boxes. The biggest appeal of these boxes is that they’re a gift that keeps on giving. When you look for a specific kind of subscription box (like perhaps a makeup subscription box), you’ll find that there are dozens to choose from.  The following are five unique subscription boxes that will be great gifts to give this Christmas.

Wet Shave Club

If your son or daughter is getting into shaving, then having a kit arrive every month with the supplies they’ll need is very helpful. Throw away their Bic plastic razors and show them how grooming themselves can be a luxury event. Wet Shave Club gives your loved ones all of the needed essentials to make shaving easy. With their monthly delivery, they get a double-edge safety razor, extra blades, shaving soap, aftershave, and other grooming accessories. Depending on the tools you choose, the Wet Shave Club costs between $19 to $29 per month.  


If you have someone in your life who enjoys gardening, then a subscription box like PlowBox is the perfect gift. With PlowBox, the recipient of your gift gets seeds appropriate for the season. These seeds are non-GMO and certified organic. Each packet of seeds comes with planting instructions. There are two options for people to choose from. The first option is the regular PlowBox, which sends seeds four times a year. The second option is the PlowBox Green, which contains micro-green seeds that are intended to grow nutritious greens all year round. The regular option costs $45 every three months. The Green option costs $14.95 per month.

Craft Beer Club

If you have a husband or friend who is a craft beer connoisseur, then the Craft Beer Club is a gift that they’ll love. When you sign your loved one up for Craft Beer Club, they’ll get the most exceptional and best craft brews from across the country. Every beer included in the boxes they get will come from independent, small-production brewers who utilize the most traditional brewing ingredients. These companies also are dedicated to using time-honored brewing methods. You can rest assured that the beer your loved one is getting each month is brewed using no shortcuts. This subscription service costs $42 for 12 bottles a month.


If you have a daughter or friend who wants the best fashion accessories, then Casely’s subscription service will keep them up on the latest trends. Casely gives their subscribers an option to receive a case every month or every three months. The awesome community at CASELY caters the cases you receive to your own style. Their community is made up of graphic designers, Instagram influencers, and stylists. The cases they offer are exclusive to their site and only costs $15 per month. Plus, the shipping is completely free when ordered in the US, and you can skip or cancel whenever you’d like.

Loot Socks

If you’re the mother to younger kids and want to give them clothing they’ll like, then look into Loot Socks. Loot Socks delivers two pairs of unique, uni-sex or athletic socks to your door each month. These socks are high quality and come with designs that reference pop culture. These designs are inspired by books, movies, comics, and television. Your kid can get stylish socks with patterns inspired by Star Trek, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Super Mario Bros, Rick & Morty, and even more. Loot Socks cost $9.99 per month and come with free shipping.

Give the Gift of Subscription This Holiday

Subscription boxes are a great way to show your loved ones you know their interests and care about them. Get your friends and families a gift that keeps on giving long after the holidays are gone!

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