4 Tips for Dealing With Pet Hair Like a Pro

4 Tips for Dealing With Pet Hair Like a ProIf you own a cat or a dog, chances are pretty good that you aren’t allergic to their hair or dander. But while it might not be critically important for you to clean up all the cat and dog hair your pets shed, the stuff still gets everywhere, and it’s no fun finding out that your shirt has a new hairy layer or your food has an unexpected garnish of cat fur. But while the fight against pet hair never ends, you can make some major strides against it with the right approach.

Brush Your Pet Often

If you brush your pets at least once per day, they’ll have that much less hair to shed everywhere else. Pet brushes come in many shapes and sizes, much like your pets, and you can usually find which pet a brush is best for by reading the packaging. The best time for brushing is usually when you feed them since you’ll know where they are. Pets usually enjoy brushing as long as you do it right and avoid catching any tangles, so frequent brushing shouldn’t be any problem.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

If you only use a broom or a dry brush on your hard surfaces, you won’t catch much pet hair. Hair tends to fly away with the slightest breeze, including the one you create with a broom or long-handle brush. You can find pet-hair brooms that use rubber bristles and static electricity to gather hair, but there’s a simpler solution: vacuum everything. A regular floor vacuum can pick up a lot of pet hair, and while pet hair often gathers in hard-to-reach places, vacuum cleaners come with nozzle attachments for a reason.

Add an Air Purifier

You could think of an air purifier as a vacuum that does for your air what the vacuum cleaner does for your surfaces. Whether it’s for a single room or attached to your HVAC system, an air purifier pulls in pet hair, dander, dust, and other air pollutants and only lets pure air come out, so even if you aren’t worried about allergens, an air purifier will help reduce the amount of hair that can settle on your clothing and furniture. You can find several air-purifying solutions if you consider your options.

Get a Lint Roller

For pet hair that clings to your clothing, nothing works better than a lint roller. Lint rollers use static electricity or a weak adhesive to grab the lint, hair, and dust on your clothes, and once you’re done, you just peel off the top layer of a disposable lint roller or wash a reusable model and start picking up more pet hair. You can also use lint rollers on bedsheets, upholstery, and thin carpets.

Pet hair is a pain whether or not you have an allergy, and if you don’t take steps to get rid of it, the hair will get everywhere. So follow the tips on this list and come up with a few of your own, because otherwise you’ll have to learn to live with having pet hair on everything.

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