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4 Creative Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills

4 Creative Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills

Utility bills aren’t always the biggest monthly expenses, but people don’t usually smile when they open their electricity bills. Fortunately, there are more than a few ways you can reduce those bill payments, and while each one might not add up to much on a single bill, you have to remember that a few cents every month for several years can really start to add up. That counts double or more if you try several things at once, so take a look at all the tips on this list.

Get Used to More Temperatures

If you insist on setting the thermostat to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll spend a lot more on your heating bills than if you give yourself some wiggle room. In winter, you can go down to 68 degrees by wearing warm clothes, and in summer, the closer you can get to 80 degrees, the better.

You should also consider getting a space heater, a dehumidifier, a fan, or all three, because while these devices use electricity, they can still be more efficient than your HVAC system in certain situations. Going easy on the HVAC system is a good idea in general whether it’s currently keeping out the summer heat or insulating your bedroom from the winter freeze.

Dry Your Laundry on a Line

If you have a big yard and it’s a nice day, you can use the sun’s energy to dry your clothes rather than the heat of a dryer. After all, you have to pay to use the second one. Also, drying your laundry on a line has benefits beyond just the free energy, such as how the UV rays of the sun kill bacteria and how the lack of tumbling will keep certain articles of clothing in good shape longer. Still, you shouldn’t throw away your dryer, because there are some downsides to air-drying, too.

Swap in LED Bulbs

The reason incandescent bulbs light up is that you’re using electricity to heat the wire so much that it glows white. The reason LEDs glow is that they use special crystals that convert electricity to light as it passes through. That uses a lot less electricity than heating a wire, which is why a bulb containing LEDs is cost-effective even if the price at the store is much higher than that of incandescent bulbs. And if the price still seems high, a compact fluorescent is another good choice that uses a quarter of the energy an incandescent bulb uses.

Keep Water in Your Fridge

This one is for your water bill. Drinking plenty of water is good for you, but you waste water when you run the tap to get it cold. So get a water jug, with or without a filter, and let your refrigerator do the cooling.

Utility bills and wasted energy add up over time, so you should always do what you can to conserve. Use other ways to stay cool, don’t rely so much on your dryer, use energy-efficient bulbs and appliances, and remember to reduce your water consumption.


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