3 Ways Moms Are Boasting Their Tech Skills

Whether you’re a mom who’s been out of school for a while or you’re the director of a major corporation, you have the same thing in common. You both realize there’s always more to learn. When it comes to big data and technology, the skills you learn will pay off in the end. Here are some ways that moms can boost their tech skills or learn new ones.

Use Data Analysis Tools

One way that moms are building their tech skills is with data analysis tools. These tools can be used on the work you already do. There’s nothing like gaining hands-on experience from an online tool that shows you to how to analyze and display data. Most of these online tools are free to use and are readily available.

If you have a website or blog, then you can use Google Analytics for free. The free version has plenty of capabilities that allow you to gather data on how many visits to your website, including their Internet habits and browsing history. You can use this tool to find out different ways to analyze and interpret your data.

If you want to get better at visualization data, just use the chart function in Excel. There are plenty of community forums and online videos on YouTube that will help you with this feature. There are also data visualization tools such as Gephi, Neo4j, and Tableau. For researchers, Elsevier has specialized tools for data and analysis, most of which are free to use.

Earn a Office 365 Certification Online

Most moms are opting to earn their Office 365 certification online to improve their tech skills. Getting certified will show companies that you’re able to use Office 365 to access documents, delivery a high level of productivity, and work across multiple devices. This online training course will prepare you for a Microsoft Certified Solutions (MCSA) Office 365 certification. This is a great idea if you’re already using Office 365 to provide the most security for your business.

Office 365 is the cloud-based version of the original Microsoft Office suite. It’s only available to corporations and enterprises who want to improve their data management and productivity. If you’re an IT professional or if you want to become one, the Office 365 certification teaches you how to transition into the cloud-based environment. The exam covers all of the material that was provided in the course.

You’re also tested on how to deploy, evaluate, operate, and plan the Office 365 products and services. The entry-level certification is the first step towards the Microsoft Certified Expert Level (MCSE) Productivity certification. With this certification, you could become a Software as a Service (SaaS) Administrator, cloud applications administrator, or an IT professional who’s focused on utilizing Office 365 products.

Participate in Cyber Hackathons

If you apply for a certain career, you will need to prove you have the skills to perform certain tasks. To succeed in your career you will have to develop some of these skills and acquire new ones. It’s important to find an employer that encourages professional development and ongoing education. Some employers should also provide volunteer opportunities such as cyber hackathons.

Some of the volunteers at these events are entry-level students while others are seasoned professionals. Regardless of your level, this is a great way to learn new skills and to apply them. This also gives you the opportunity to use the skills you learned while working with people of all skills and levels. Even people without technical experience are allowed at these hackathons.

Organizers are usually looking for people with a wide variety of non-technical skills. If you can bring any skills or none, you’ll get to work alongside professionals in data science and technology. You get to learn from them as you determine which technical skills you’d like to develop.

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