3 Reasons to Consider Donor Eggs This Year

Now is the perfect time to reflect on your plans for 2020 and beyond.

What are your professional or personal goals for this year?

What dreams do you have for your family?

If you desire to expand your family but are experiencing fertility issues, this could be your year to improve your chances of getting pregnant!

With accessible IVF treatment options available across the U.S., using donor eggs and IVF is becoming more attainable to many hopeful parents. You may have countless reasons why you want to start a family, but here are a few reasons why anyone struggling to conceive should consider using donor eggs.

What Infertility Means for Your Family

Whether you already have a family or are in the beginning stages of starting one, infertility isn’t only an issue for “older” people. Infertility problems can be caused by any number of factors, and they shouldn’t dictate if someone can have children. Anyone who wants to love and care for a child deserves the opportunity. Thankfully, with growing donor egg bank databases and rising donor egg IVF success stories, using donor eggs isn’t as taboo as it may have once been.

For women battling infertility, carrying a child via donor egg IVF is absolutely within reach. With success rates on the rise, donor eggs help increasingly more people every year.

Donor Egg Affordability

Not only are donor eggs more socially acceptable, but frozen donor eggs have made the treatment much more affordable. This is especially true when compared to fresh donor eggs.

If women are using frozen donor eggs, they don’t need to synchronize their cycles with their donor’s like they do with fresh. This can save them both time and money.

Further, thanks to advances in cryopreservation technology, frozen donor eggs can be safely stored and thawed without damaging their structure. As an added benefit, since frozen donor eggs have already been retrieved, they’re ready for selection and shipping once potential parents are ready to start the process.

In sum, frozen eggs may be your best option because 1) the frozen donor egg databases often have a wider variety of donors since they are not limited to your geographical location; 2) you don’t need to pay for your donor’s travel costs; and 3) you can begin the process on your own schedule, limiting the amount of personal/sick/vacation days you need from work while undergoing treatment.

Donor Egg Accessibility

Using an expansive donor database that encompasses national and international donors provides potential parents with a greater opportunity to find their perfect match. Whether someone wants to find a donor with a particular educational background, unique cultural background, or specific physical features, a large database makes those potential donor candidates more accessible.

Donor eggs are becoming more common as a means of overcoming infertility, especially in women over 40. Using assisted reproductive techniques (ART) like in vitro fertilization (IVF) along with donor eggs has resulted in the highest success rates of all fertility procedures, which has translated into the growth of hundreds of families.

Available Support When You Need It MostIt’s very important to know that support is available to you throughout the donor IVF process. There are many online forums and tools for anyone who needs support before, during, or after donor egg IVF treatment. Evidence points to the importance of mental health professionals (MHP) working with families dealing with infertility. In partnership with MHPs, you can find others who have gone through infertility and lean on them as a source of strength.

Infertility comes with a wide range of emotions, none of which are less impactful than the next. When compared to fresh, combining the accessibility of an expansive database with the affordability of frozen eggs are two solid reasons to choose frozen donor eggs. There’s no time like the present to take steps toward growing the family of your dreams. With a new decade in front of us, looking to 2020 and the future brings new hopes, dreams, and opportunities to all families.

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