3 Health Changes You Have To Make Before Starting A Family

3 Health Changes You Have To Make Before Starting A FamilyBecoming a parent is the biggest change that you’re ever going to experience. Your old lifestyle goes out of the window and everything is different from the moment you first conceive. When you’ve got a new baby on the way, it’s important that you’re looking after yourself properly but also that you live a healthy responsible lifestyle so you’re setting a good example when they grow up. When you’re thinking about all of the other stuff like how you’re going to pay for everything or where you’re going to live it can be easy to forget about your health but it’s vital. These are the health changes that you need to make before you become a parent.

Give Up Smoking

This is the number one health concern for both parents. Obviously, if you’re about to start trying to get pregnant, you’ll need to cut out the cigarettes but it’s important for the father to stop smoking as well. Children learn by example and they’re far more likely to start smoking if one of their parents does. You should quit long before the baby is born so they never see you with a cigarette in your mouth. It’s also worth considering your own life expectancy; you want to spend as many years as possible with your new family and if you’re a smoker, you’re far more likely to die young. If you’re struggling to give up using the normal methods, check out for information on treatment centres that could help you out. Even if you’re not smoking when the kids are around, they’ll still pick up on it so you’ve got to give up as soon as possible.

Start Exercising

Exercise is important both before you start trying to get pregnant and after the baby is born. Your body needs to be in tip-top condition when you’re trying to conceive so a great exercise routine is important. After the baby has arrived, you want them to be happy and healthy as they grow up and exercise is a big part of that. When parents decide later on that they want the family to be more active, it’s difficult to convince the kids to get on board. But if you’ve always exercised regularly since they were a baby, they’ll grow up knowing that it’s important to stay active and it’ll come naturally to them.

Healthy Eating

Getting kids to eat healthily is always going to be an uphill battle ( has some great tips to help you out.) When there is so much junk food out there, they’ll always complain about eating their vegetables. But the problem is a lot worse if you’re not cooking them healthy food all the time. If you get into the habit of eating well now, you can carry on after the baby is born and their first experience of solid food is going to be healthy stuff.

Pretty much every aspect of your life is going to change once you start a family and your health is no exception. Make these changes and you can enjoy a happy, healthy family life for years to come.  

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