15 Free Must Have iPad Apps For Elementary Students

15 Free Must Have iPad Apps For Elementary Students

Here is a great list of 15 free IPAD applications that students or children must have. The applications go a long way in helping them in practicing and learning about most of the things discussed in school especially at the elementary level. The applications provide stories, colorful games, audiovisual material and other materials that assist to write my essay for me. The diversity of applications keeps the students learning, going through what was covered in the classroom as well as keep them busy playing.

Bookabi-free– the application offers all materials that children need in telling their stories. For instance, even the children that lack drawing skills, they still can draw because of the materials provided. There is a collection of 2D and 3D characters, fanciful backgrounds, fun stickers and objects that can be placed resized or rotated by a simple swipe.

BrainPOP Jr.Movie of the week– it is an application most suitable for kindergarten kids aged 5-9 years. There are characters who guide the kids through each topic, which is an approach that empowers the children to form their ideas and foster critical thinking.

Chirp-free– Chirp is an application that aids are in sharing information. For instance, shares links, notes, and photos.


Doodle Buddy– It is an application that allows drawing, painting, scribbling or sketching. One can use their favorite colors to finger paint and also allows connection with a friend over the internet to draw together.


i-Nigma QR Code– The application turns a camera into a refined barcode reader.

IBooks– the application allows book downloads. For instance in the iBook store, one can find the best selling and latest books.

IBooks– the application allows book downloads. For instance in the iBook store, one can find the best selling and latest books.

Our story for iPad– this is a reading application and allows children in the digital era to enjoy learning. It is a fundamental source of pleasure that develops social skills and vital language. It is relevant for school activities and opens up a new world that gives access to the prosperity of human knowledge.

Rover– this is an application designed for both students and teachers. The application provides the best online learning content having partnered with the core education brands so as to ensure availability of the dominant education content.


SpellingCity– the application engages the users with learning games using the word list in learning spelling and vocabulary. Examples of the popular activities include; HangMouse, Spelling TestMe, and the Vocabulary games. The most noted word lists include; Compound Words, Sound-Alikes, SAT Words and Hunger Games.

Story Creator– Allows creation of beautiful story books that contain videos, photos, text, and audio in one collection.

Student Clicker– Socrative- the application brings smart clickers, engages students with educational exercises and games as well as helps students to view their classmate’s ideas and interact with their responses.

Sushi Monster– the application provides a platform for mathematics where students can practice, strengthen and outspread the mathematics fluency. It reinforces reasoning strategies and every time one gets a right answer, they earn points.


Todo K-2 Math Practice– this is a game application for children that provides mathematics fluency, for instance in counting, addition, subtraction and writing numerals. The application strengthens the mathematics foundation for children.

Toontastic; it is a creative storytelling the application that allows children to draw, animate as well as share their cartoons with friends and family across the world.Capture5

Virtual Manipulatives– the application is a better alternative to fraction physical bars. They provide more options and flexibility that the physical pieces cannot offer.

15 Free Must Have iPad Apps For Elementary Students

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