10 Reasons To Encourage Your Children To Join A Sports Team

Children today are growing up in a very different time to the way we did back in the 80s and 90s. We are spending more time now on screens than we are anything else, and we are embracing virtual reality more than ever. While this is fantastic, and it’s an excellent way to extend our lives and expand our futures, there is still a place for things like children’s sports right now. Not every game has to be played by a digital player, and not every child has to have a virtual reality headset in order to get involved in playing some games. The world isn’t actually more dangerous than it was 30 years ago, it’s just that we are now more informed about those dangers. It’s vital that as parents, we can see how we can improve the lives of our children. Sports is one of them.

Children grow up too quickly, but with the right sport, they can grow up with new friends, with respect to the rules and regulations in sport, and learn excellent sportsmanship. From enrolling your children into South Shore Gymnastics Academy, to taking your kids to soccer trials every Sunday, you can get your children interested in sports and get them involved in a new activity. It may take some perseverance and convincing, because let’s face it – most kids would much rather spend time laying about and watching cartoons! However, there are plenty of reasons that children should play sports. We’ve got 10 of them for you below.

  • You’re going to help them develop their social skills. Of course, children learn much of their social skills in school and playgroup environments. When they play sports, they are participating in a brand-new social activity. They communicate with children of all ages and on different levels, and they’ll communicate with the coaches on a regular basis.
  • They will learn teamwork. Sportsmanship is an important tool to have as they get older, and children can get this from team sports. When they learn to work with others towards a common goal, they will learn to encourage others and encourage themselves to achieve it. It’s a great skill to carry through to adulthood because most children require it. Plus, they get to have fun while they do it.
  • The friendships. Some of the best memories most adults have come from the teams and friends they make on those teams that they had when they were children. Their best friend from football, the group of girlfriends from gymnastics, even the boys at ballet. It’s not unusual for team members to grow up together, progressing through the ranks until they get the best possible roles in their teams. It’s like a second family sometimes, and those long summers spent with new people can keep your social circle open, too.
  • They will learn from adversity. Sports are wonderful for children, but there is so much more to it than positivity and winning. They learn how to resolve conflicts, and they will learn how to deal with team members, which can be intimidating. Learning how to deal with that young is one of the most valuable things you can teach your children. And sports can help!
  • It gives them something to do. Bored children can often be destructive children, but when you pack their time with sports and fun things to do to allow them to be a part of a team, you can keep them busy and keep them from being too bored for too long. It also gives them time to be in a safe and structured environment on the weekend.
  • Teaching discipline. When children are involved in sports, they learn commitment and they learn discipline. They learn that they have to attend practices to get better, and they have to attend the games so they don’t let the team down. But with a lot of hard work, the sports can help them to discipline themselves at school, too. This is especially the case if schools will only allow children at certain grade levels to play. 
  • Children learn respect. Not only children learn how to respect each other, but they learn to respect the rules of the game. They learn to respect the coaches, and they learn to respect the fact that when they work as a team, good things can happen.
  • They’ll remain more active. It’s so easy for kids to become couch potatoes because when they have screen time available to them, it’s the easiest thing to do! Encouraging your child to join a sports team will help them to remain active around school. Children being active will help their academic prowess, too. 
  • You can teach your kids to deal with winning – and with losing. It’s important that they know how to be gracious winners as well as not being sore losers and the right sports team will help them to do that. It’s so important that your children learn how to deal with loss, and it’s going to help them to be more resilient as a result. Learning how to behave when they win is important but so is learning how to cope with losing and learning how they can do better for next time. Children being in sports clubs can help all of that.

As a parent, you’re going to be able to see how your children progress and how they develop real life skills as a result. They can learn social skills and learn technical skills that they will be able to carry through so many different walks of life. If you have your kids in a sports team already, you might have noticed how well they are doing as a result. Children deserve time to grow, and that means giving them that time outside of an academic institution. There is nothing wrong with having a hobby, and your children can have some impact on others who will look up to them. Why not enroll your children into a sports team today?

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