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10 Ideas For A Grand Wedding On Budget

Each couple planning to get married, naturally wish their wedding ceremony would be great and make a glorious lifetime experience with its grandeur and excellence. Photobooth hire, great DJ’s and party favours are the value adds that make your special day that much more memorable. In most cases reaching the expectation halts on funding and expenses. However, some intuitive customization can help you plan your grand wedding easily without compromising the experience of the event. Here are 10 ideas you may consider: 

Customize the guest list

The wedding couple might be tempted to put all the relatives, friends and acquaintances on the list and consider this as the main part in making the celebration great. In practice, this is not always factual though. Focusing on making the event more intimate by inviting fewer people can boost the essence by many folds. At the same time, lesser guests mean lesser costs too.

Seek for Wedding Help in Lieu of Gifts

Your guests may have different expertise which are essential in the ceremony that you would pay for hired services. So, for instance – you may smartly ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts. Someone could be a designer, or you may find a choreographer or musician or even a Chef. Don’t hesitate, people are enthusiastic to contribute to the ceremony they are attending.

Make Your Home the Grand Venue

Hiring the hotel or hall to hold the wedding and reception is a big cost. You may avoid this or reduce this to great extent by planning your wedding at home. Turn your home to the grand hall, you don’t have to bulldoze it. Remove and rearrange furniture, make space and then decorate and design. Your sense of art will do the rest. One may choose a nice outdoor location too to bypass the rentals.

Design Your Invitations

Graphic arts, a quality home printer, paper and time –  all of which may be at your own disposal – can be a great way to avoid the cost for invitation cards. You may use the blank invitation kits available in cheap and do the design and printing yourself. Classic fonts with or without simple graphics like flowers or such could make an unusually innovative invitations that would be catchier than the usual costly ones.

Purchase dresses on sale or off the rack

Avoid ordering or buying custom dresses for bridesmaids from famous brands. Choose your colors ahead, go for the options, shops with many sizes and designs are the better places to go. If you are well ahead of your time, look for dresses on sale or check for off the rack garments. You may also ask every bridesmaid to wear a dress of your decided color from their own lockers. You may use this trick for your suit or gown too but be early to decide on design and color – you will have enough time to match your size. To view some affordable dresses make sure to click here.

10 Ideas For A Grand Wedding On Budget

Cater Yourself

If you put your own hands in handling the food, there’s no shame rather you will soon have many hands coming forward to help you out. Select from the close relatives and plan the catering – you can easily save the money for catering arrangements. In case, you can’t handle this bit on your own, try hiring a family owned restaurant – normally they try the extra mile and understand your budget requirements.

Be Minimal with Flowers

The flowers that costs huge money would actually die out after a short while. Avoid spending too much on this item. Use flowers only in the essential bits, like for a small bouquet for the bride and may be one or a few pieces of roses for each bridesmaid. Rest of the flower activities can be well covered by fake flowers and no one will notice the detos. Rather the artistic sense of whole decoration will be pivotal. Engage your mind not money for that.

Offer Advertisement in Exchange of Reduced Price

If you are stuck with things like catering, decoration, photography, music or any such issues and is forced to hire a service provider, do the deal. Allow them to display vendor cards or give them little scope to make room for their own advertisements – in return, ask for reduced rates. This can be very positive and help save you money.

Budget Your Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a great part of your ceremony and in the western culture – this is a symbol of the commitment to each other of the wedding couple. However, many people go for a big budget on platinum wedding rings but remember this is just the symbol not the actual commitment. Choosing the ring within your affordability doesn’t have to be a challenge, for example, since 2003 offer a large selection of affordable bands for your budget. 

Make Partners in Planning

One of the most successful way to make a grand wedding on budget is to engage the close relatives and friends in the planning. Good friends and family are always available for help, when you are brainstorming for ideas – they can help you with some great suggestions. For example, one may know a cheap service provider, or could help hire or borrow the decorations etc. and there’s many more opportunities where they can be at your help.


These are some useful ideas for a wedding on a budget. But you can still have a grant wedding without spending much. You don’t have to use all these strategies. You can choose yourself which idea to take and spend as much as you can or want to.

You make decoration a top priority. Look out for good but affordable wedding furniture rentals around you. When you find multiple options, you can compare prices and have cost advantages by selecting one with good collection of wedding furniture with affordable price. The same strategy can be applied when you search for affordable wedding decoration rentals. As long as you make your wedding venue look gorgeous, you will have a grand wedding. A grand wedding should not always be the most expensive one.

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