Understanding & Recognizing The Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children

Understanding & Recognizing The Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children
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Growing up I had a friend in school that was hard of hearing and I learned so much from her about hearing loss. I remember observing her sign back and forth to a lady that translated for her during class and being so fascinated by this language. That eventually inspired me to take American Sign Language during my sophomore year of high school, something I am so thankful I had the opportunity to experience. I was able to learn not only how to sign, but about the culture and eventually leading me to understand and recognize the signs of hearing loss in children. Every parent wants their child to be perfect and sometimes we overlook their milestone delays. You don’t have to feel upset or afraid if you suspect you child may have hearing loss. There are an abundance of resources and people dedicated to making sure that your child lives a normal life without limits.

Understanding & Recognizing The Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children
After reading several stories about parents with children that have hearing loss, I began to notice a trend… each parent had a feeling… an instinct… each knew that something was not right. I believe that is the most important message, to make sure you trust your instinct and seek out the resources you need in order to get your child connected with the right people. Cochlear is passionate about connecting parents who want their kids to have access to hearing to help with language and development so they can live their lives without limits. They are also the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, providing products (cochlear implants, bone conduction, and acoustic implants) that are designed to treat a range of moderate to profound types of hearing loss.
Understanding & Recognizing The Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children

Discovering that your child has a form of hearing loss can be scary and you may find yourself alone and without people who can relate. The fact is… you don’t have to feel alone in this journey! Cochlear wants to provide parents with the online support, information, and the connection they are looking for around hearing loss. They want you to share your story about how (as a hearing implant family) you are living without limits. Cochlear understands that communication is key when it comes to parenting and an essential step in every parent’s journey is working on speech, language, and developmental milestones.

Understanding & Recognizing The Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children
If these are your first steps towards researching the resources out there for a child with hearing loss, I highly encourage you to get in contact with Cochlear. To any parent out there with a young child that is currently developing their language, take a look at the thirty million words initiative. This is simply a parent-directed program that encourages parents to harness the power of their words to build their children’s brains and shape their futures. This method asks three things of you; tune in by paying attention to what your child is communicating to you, talk more with your child using descriptive words to build his vocabulary and take turns by encouraging your child to respond to your words and actions. Now that you have an understanding, recognize the signs of hearing loss and know what to do, I would love to hear your personal stories in the comment section below!

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  1. When I first heard that a hearing test is not mandatory at birth, I felt so upset. Even today, with treatment available, it is saddening to see the stigma associated with hearing loss.

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