4 Fashion Secrets For A Stylish Silhouette Without Breaking The Bank

Fashion defines who you are, whatever you may think about it. Whether you enjoy denim trends, romantic flower dresses, or even a fitted cold shoulder top, fashion says something about you and how you choose to present yourself. For most people, though, fashion has to be affordable as not everybody can choose the top end items on the peg. In a world where everything has a price, it is only natural that your fashion shopping doesn’t break the bank. Indeed, there are other expenses to deal with before – such as energy bill, grocery shopping, or even home insurance cover – and they matter more than the kind of clothes you wear. However, this isn’t to say that fashion doesn’t matter. It does. Fashion defines your appearance and consequently has an impact on how others will see and treat you. In other words, how do you look your best without going overboard with your fashion expenses? Here are four clever tips for a smart and stylish silhouette.

Pick A Few Quality Accessories

Accessory is a magical word, and it’s a word that can change your outfit from dull to success in a few minutes. Whether you are thinking of women’s jewellery, belts, hats, or high heels, the accessory is your best friend to style an outfit up or down. However, there are a few rules about accessories. For a start, it is best to pick quality accessories, from your shoes to your jewellery, as they will give style and posture to your outfit. Exploring fashion accessories can be so much fun, as there are so many unique options to choose between like eyeglasses and headwear, too. Similarly, don’t overdo it. It’s best to pick a few items, such as a colorful belt and coordinated handbag or shoes than to go for a full-on display. The more accessories you look, the cheaper and more tasteless you appear. You need to find the right balance, which is two to three accessories with each outfit. Additionally, if you want to embrace a minimalist style, you can dish the accessories for the day and rely on your natural beauty. It’s a daring move, but it pays off.

Avoid Cheap Clothes

When it comes to buying trendy clothes and filling up the wardrobe, less is often more. Indeed, there’s a common tendency to buy more than one needs – it’s not just you, everybody does the same. This drives people to end up with a wardrobe crammed with cheaply made clothes that look quite of cute on the peg but don’t do anything for you. When you buy your clothes, you need to be paying close attention to what they are made of. For instance, 1 to 2% elastane is good to have, especially if you’ve got killer curves, but anything above that will make your outfit look cheap. Similarly, jersey can seem like a good idea – as it is often more affordable than cotton – but it is less durable. If you want your clothes to look good in a few years’ time and to enhance your silhouette without squeezing it, pick cotton.

Get A Bra Fitting

64% of women don’t know their bra size. Actually, depending on where you read that info you may find that it is closer to 80%. What does this mean for you? It means that you may be wearing a bra that isn’t properly fitted. It could be too big around the bonnet, and therefore not providing any support – what’s the point of such a bra? –, it could be too tight at the back and therefore making you look like a sausage wrapped in string – that isn’t a good look –, or the bonnet could be too tight, therefore creating a charming double boobs effect under all your tops. A bra that isn’t to your size changes your silhouette. More often than not, women who get a professional bra fitting find that their silhouette is transformed. They appear slimmer and more in proportion. In other words, a bra fitting is not a revolutionary diet, but it will harmonize your silhouette in ways that you didn’t think existed.

Work On Your Posture

Last, but not least, clothes don’t look good if you’ve got the wrong posture. Walking with your shoulders rolled and your back curved backward – for most people, this is a casual pose – accentuate your middle rift and creates a tummy where there shouldn’t be any. Additionally, an arched back that forces you to stick your bottom out is not only unnatural, but it also builds an awkward silhouette: You don’t look taller or more feminine, you look small and deformed.

An elegant posture will change the way clothes look on you. It elongates your torso – therefore tucking that tummy in – and it allows your skirt or trousers to fall nicely, giving you an elaborate silhouette. There are many different methods which you can explore to help improve your posture, so there’s no need to fret if you’re not standing proud right now. First off, the age-old activity used for many hundreds of years by etiquette specialists around the world, which involves walking with a large book placed stable on the top of your head. Keeping the book steady as you move around will help you to maintain a good posture, but only if you make an effort to keep your shoulders back at the same time. Taking part in an exercise practice such as yoga or Pilates can be of equal benefit, as the moves and stretches can focus on improving your posture in a low impact manner. You can find lots of video classes online for free, so you don’t have to spend a penny.

Hopefully the brilliant tips described above will help you to boss your aesthetic without breaking the bank! It’s never been so simple to boost your fashion status without spending a fortune.