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Simple Yard Lighting Solutions

Your backyard can be enjoyed day and night with the right lighting. You don’t have to pay for expert landscape lighting to illuminate your outdoor living space, there are plenty of affordable options. You can purchase solar landscaping lights which are small lights that can be placed in the grass for aesthetics and extra lighting at night.

Several months ago you will remember that I post about the The Vont 4 LED portable lanterns, which we absolutely love and use all of the time. Whether camping, fishing or simply hanging out in the yard, we us the portable lanterns a ton.

Simple Yard Lighting Solutions

I was so impressed with this particular product, I decided to try out another product from their outdoor lighting section. This time we tried out the Vont Solar Spotlights. We have a very large area of our yard that is mulched with three crepe myrtles. I thought this would be the perfect spot to add lighting since these are such beautiful trees and it is focal point of our backyard. I have seen many houses in my neighborhood that had them and thought they looked really nice.

Simple Yard Lighting Solutions

First of all… super easy to set up and install! There are stakes on the end so that you can stick them into the ground without any issues… and they stay in place without issue. They contain super bright 16 LEDs throwing a 120° lighting angle, so you can adjust the angle of the light so that it is facing the area of your tree that you are most happy with.

Simple Yard Lighting Solutions

Additionally, there are two brightness modes to choose between, which is low mode (12 hours) and high mode (6 hours). our lights know when it’s dark and can easily detect changes in outdoor brightness. Automatically switches from energy storage to lighting mode without motion detection.

Simple Yard Lighting Solutions

The Outdoor Solar Spotlights are made of high-impact ABS material with an IPX7 wireless waterproof design. Meaning it can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions. And it’s much more robust than other less waterproof grade lights.

Again, I am finding myself super pleased with another product from Vont. While I am not particular skilled at taking night photography and was not able to get quality pictures of these lights… trust me, they look amazing at night!

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