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Pay It Forward: BTS Backpack & School Supplies

A special thanks to CampusBookRentals for sponsoring this inspirational campaign!

backpake campaign

I have always loved hearing stories of the generous and unique ways that people pay it forward and really wanted to do my part. I recently had the opportunity to participate in an amazing campaign where a group of bloggers were given $25 each and asked to purchase a child in need their school supplies. It’s important to me that my daughter understand how lucky she is to have a mom and dad that can provide her with the essentials she needs for when she returns to school. I explain to her that not all children are fortunate enough to have the means to pay for something as simple as a backpack. When I shared with her that we were going to be able to help a child get their school supplies, she was elated and we couldn’t wait to pick the stuff out. We made an exciting trip to Walmart, only to discover that the prices were so affordable, we could actually help out two children! Watching my daughter pick out supplies so meticulously (as opposed to just throwing stuff in the cart) really touched my heart. She would take a moment to think about what they may like and tried her best to read the prices and stay within our budget. After carefully choosing what she thought they would need, we headed to the register with our supplies in hand.

Here is what were were able to get for $26.52



I never expected to get this much stuff for the price we payed and to be able to help multiple children is so wonderful! Knowing that we made life that much easier for two families is a feeling you just can not explain! Paying it forward is something that we really enjoyed doing and it has motivated us to seek out other ways to do so. In sharing my experience with you, I hope that you find the inspiration to want to pay it forward as well, no matter how little or big it may be.

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