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 I recently won a package of products from TwinLab that I felt compelled to share with you because they are just so fabulous! I have reviewed a few items for them in the past, including the Skin Within and found it to be a very effective product. So when I discovered that I won a package of their products, I was really excited to see what else they had to offer! I was in no way compensated for my time, all opinions expressed here are simply my own!

So here is a list of the products I received in my winning package:

(all descriptions came directly from the TwinLab website)

Turmeric Root Tea

While well recognized as a culinary spice, turmeric (Curcuma longa), a relative of ginger, also has a long history of use in China and India. Known for its many beneficial properties, turmeric has been traditionally used to alleviate temporary discomfort.

Passionflower Tea

First documented in 1569 by Spanish explorers in Peru, passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is so named because of the blossom’s symbolic resemblance to elements in Christian theology. The herb’s primary traditional uses include easing occasional nervous tension and supporting restful sleep.

Chewable Iron

Twinlab Chewable Iron, made with a superior chelated form of iron called Ferrochel® iron bisglycinate, is an ideal way for individuals to meet their daily requirements for iron. Unlike inorganic iron forms – such as ferrous sulfate and ferrous carbonate – which the body must first convert to an absorbable form and then assemble with protein to assist uptake, iron bisglycinate is a highly absorbable iron form that is efficiently used by the body.* This unique iron form results in maximum absorption without the gastrointestinal irritation or constipating effects that often accompany iron supplementation.

Skin Within

The appearance of our skin is arguably the primary visual factor that reveals our age. While cosmetic products may help, Skin Within is a convenient, once daily supplement that nourishes the skin with clinically tested astaxanthin and CoQ10 to support healthy skin from the inside out.


winlab InvisiWhey is a premium quality, virtually tasteless whey protein isolate that is cleanly processed with cross-flow filtration. This process preserves protein microfractions and separates the protein from whey without the use of heat or damaging chemicals. Because InvisiWhey is virtually without taste, it can easily be sprinkled on many foods, making it an ideal supplement for increasing protein intake by individuals who may not be getting enough protein or who simply want more protein in their diets


As mentioned previously, I reviewed the Skin Within and loved the results I received and was elated when I saw that I received more in my winning package! I started using them again right away and continue to take them on a daily basis. As an avid tea drinker, it took little time for me to dig in to the ones they provided! They must know that I am a restless mom that needs a little something extra to help me sleep at night because the calming tea is just what I needed! The chewable iron was also something I am familiar with, as I was encouraged to take them during my pregnancies because keeping my iron up has always been an issue I struggle with. Lastly, I was recently introduced to whey products and have been impelled to start implementing them into our diet. Could the timing have been any better!? Overall, I felt like it was Christmas when I won this package of goodies and I hope you have discovered some products you may want to try for yourself!


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