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Natural Area Rugs: Cloud Wool Rug Review

A special thanks to Natural Area Rugs for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review

Natural Area Rugs: Cloud Wool Rug Review

About Natural Area Rugs

“Natural Area Rugs is in business to offer the finest Natural Fiber Area Rugs and Carpets. These are available in unique as well as the traditional color designs and are marketed through Distributors, Carpets and Rugs Dealers, Furniture Stores and Designers. Integrity is the foundation of NaturalAreaRugs.com. We have earned the respect and trust of people around the world through more than half a century of business dealings that are honest, decent and fair.”


Natural Area Rugs: Cloud Wool Rug Review

My Review

Wood floors are beautiful and much easier to keep clean than wall to wall carpeting, however not the ideal flooring for a kid’s room. After a few months of fixing up our new home (unpacking and getting furniture set into place) I decided it was time to find a rug for my three year old son’s room. Ideally I wanted a rug that wasn’t going to be hard to keep clean because we all know how messy a three year old boy can be. I also wanted a rug that would be soft and comfortable enough for him to lay on while playing or reading a book. After doing some research online and looking at different shops, I wasn’t really finding what I was looking for. I finally came across this really fantastic website called Natural Area Rugs and knew almost immediately that I had found the perfect place. I found myself instatnly in love with their collection of wool rugs and after reading about them, concluded that it was exactly what I had been searching for. Shopping online for such a big item can be a bit nerve wrecking, but I thought the website did very well with the description of the rug and I was convinced I would receive exactly what was described. Plus their customer reviews were extremely positive!

Natural Area Rugs: Cloud Wool Rug Review

Upon receiving the rug I found that it was generously packaged in order to avoid any damage or mishandling along the way. After bringing into the house and opening it, the rug unrolled and lied flat right away, there was no waiting for it to settle. This is a very thick and cozy rug, much softer than I had anticipated. Whenever my son is in his room, he always sets up toys are books in the center of the rug as he agrees with me and how soft it is. He has even convinced me a few nights to relocate his pillow and blankets on the rug so he can sleep there for the night (yes it is that comfy!) We have had this rug in his room for over a month and I have not had to vacuum it a single time because it is so simple to just pick the small pieces of lint and such that get tracked onto it. For the first few weeks the rug would shed, but all I would have to do is rub my hand across it and collect all of the extra wool. This was something mentioned in the description, so I was expecting it to do this and just as they had informed me, the shedding subsided eventually.

Natural Area Rugs: Cloud Wool Rug Review

Overall my experience with the Cloud Wool Area Rug has been very positive and I honestly do not have a single complaint. This rug could essentially work in any room and match with all types of decor. The quality is exceptional and it’s simply everything it claims to be, the perfect rug in my opinion! I highly recommend you visit the Natural Area Rugs website and take a look around at their beautiful selection of rugs, you are not going to be disappointed.

Natural Area Rugs: Cloud Wool Rug Review

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