Minky Couture Infant Blanket Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

A special thanks to Minky Couture for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

Minky Couture Infant Blanket Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

Facts About Minky Couture

  • We have 40+ trained seamstresses that sew YOUR blankets just for YOU when you order!
  • We cut, sew and package every blanket and that’s why it takes 7-14 days !
  • We have all sizes for your entire family and you can make them bigger if you choose too!
  • We have some inventory at our stores that we have had our seamstresses sew for your convenience to stop by and purchase if you can’t wait!
  • Every blanket is made from scratch…a touch of fashion and a ton of LOVE!
  • We are unique and stand apart as a blanket company….. We are simply the most luxurious, coziest, fashionable blanket EVER!…


 My Review

The perfect blanket for a new baby (in my opinion) would be one that you yourself would be content using. One that was so incredible soft and comforting, that you couldn’t help but get cozy up with baby while they snuggle with it. The minky couture blanket is all of those things and more! Being a bit of a blanket hoarder, I have come to favor minky ones above all else. The fabric is perfect and I honestly can’t think of anything more softer. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the elegant and beautiful Posh Paisley Light Pink infant blanket from Minky Couture and it is absolutely divine! The color scheme on the front of the blanket goes so well together and the light pink fabric on the other side compliments it perfectly. The light pink fabric has a unique swirl pattern that I just adore, this really gives the blanket a fancy look. The pink ruffle along the edge is a sleek and soft ribbon like fabric that overlaps, completing the overall look of the blanket.

Minky Couture Infant Blanket Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

 The Minky couture blanket is just all together amazing and simply flawless. The high quality fabric and sturdy stitching ensures me that this blanket is going to last for many years. It also contains the perfect amount of weight, yet not too heavy which will make it great for on the go and in any weather. I am beyond ecstatic to provide this wonderful blanket for my baby girl and absolutely consider this a must have item! I have been through a good amount of baby blankets and with baby number three on the way, I can tell you that this truly is a blanket you will want in the nursery! Visit Minky Couture today and discover all of their minky blankets available in sizes infant to adults! They also have a great selection of designs and color schemes, you are sure to find one that you love.

Minky Couture Infant Blanket Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  Minky Couture Infant Blanket Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide) 

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36 thoughts on “Minky Couture Infant Blanket Review (Getting Ready For Baby Gift Guide)

  1. Cathy Jarolin says:

    This is the First I have Hear of Minky Blankets.( At least to my Recollection) Ha! They Look so soft and Luxurious. Nothing like comfort for Baby and even for yourself. I love Well made Blankets & these are made with Love..The Best Kind! I picked out Earth Stone Brown: Shades of browns print with brown swirl. I would love to get this one for Me and my Hubby..I am working at it! Thankyou for the very informative Review!! A+

  2. courtney hennagir says:

    I am such a sucker for a soft blanket! These would make a great gift for anyone since there are so many beautiful prints!

  3. Lauryn R says:

    This blanket is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and pattern, they really do look beautiful together. I am in love with Minky Blankets as well, even though I have never owned one for my babies. A friend of mine received one at her baby shower and I fell in love! I am due June 4 and am really crossing my fingers that I get one!

  4. Jan Lee says:

    I like that they have Adult blankets and doll blankets too 🙂 I love love love soft blankets and would almost pay any price for one lol This would definitely be a must have for any baby 🙂 Thank you for the review!

  5. Rachel C says:

    These blankets are beautiful and they seem like an item the child would hold onto for a long time! I would love to get my daughter one of these 🙂

  6. Laurie Nykaza says:

    They make such soft beautiful blankets for babies and adults too.Love to have one when i sit on my couch!

  7. Marcie Maestas says:

    This blanket looks and sounds amazing! The silky edges have always been my granddaughters favorite so I
    know her new baby sister would love it too!

  8. Hesper Fry says:

    The blankets are beautiful and luxurious looking. Would make a wonderful keepsake for my baby girl.

  9. Lauryn R says:

    These baby blankets look so amazingly soft! I wish they didn’t cost so much (for good reason, I know) so I could get one for my baby girl due any day now! Oh well, for now it’s definitely #1 on my wish list!

  10. Dorothy Boucher says:

    this is so beautiful, love the style and color , such a soft pretty pink 😉 thanks for share

  11. jenn huey says:

    Minky Couture is another great business located in Utah and they have a great product that they take their time and pride in making

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