How Hiring Man & a Van Delivery Services Can Save You Money When Moving House

Moving house can be a very complicated and tedious affair. However, it should not be so thanks to man and van services, which are famous worldwide. In the UK alone, over 100,000 households move house every month and hire moving companies.

Without proper planning, moving house can cost a pretty penny. Every wrong move and miscalculations translate to additional moving charges. Fortunately, hiring a man with a van expert can help slice the moving expenses. The following tips explain how the white van moving companies can save clients some money.

Expert Planning Experience

When moving house, space plays a critical role in determining how much a move will cost. Novice movers can get space estimates wrong and end up requesting for a van too small for the job. In that case, the move will require more trips and therefore cost more. Additionally, if the hired van is too big, the client will pay for unused space. Professional movers are experienced in determining the right vehicle to do the job and save the customer’s money.

Man with a van experts have experience navigating highways in different weather conditions. They know the best time to move and when to wait because of their years of service. Their expertise will come in handy to escape foreseen hurdles and save the client time during moving. Since many couriers charge hourly rates, saving time translates into saving money.

Affordable and Flexible Services

Man and van services are specialised to cater for both large-scale and small-scale moves. They charge fees tailor-made for various customer needs. When moving a few items, clients can request for smaller vans and thus pay less. For those with more items, they can hire larger vans instead. That is possible because the man and van service charges depend on the size and type of vehicle the client hires.

Other moving companies have fixed charges and standard-sized vehicles, which is disadvantageous to customers moving a few items. Additionally, they do not offer flexibility in terms of distance charges. Those moving to closer locations pay the same as those going further away, which is unrealistic. Man and van services charge according to relocation distance, so people moving to nearby locations pay less.

Guaranteed Safety and Security

Using man and van services provides guaranteed safety for goods. The professional movers know how to pack items to prevent damage during moving. Since fragile goods can be challenging to handle, it is wise to request professional movers’ services. They come with the right tools and experience on how to handle breakable items. They also do proper labeling and perform organised moves to make sure the goods do not get lost in the clutter.

Fortunately, most man and van companies offer insurance for goods on transit. When the goods are insured against loss or damage, the client can rest from worry and anxiety. However, it is prudent to know the terms and conditions of each company.

Storage Options

Moving can be very unpredictable, and factors like traffic congestion may delay the process by hours. In the case of sudden unfavourable weather conditions, there may be delays of up to several days. All these cases require backup storage options to ensure the goods will be safe until when they can be finally delivered.

Man and van services provide the option of safe storage in the case of unplanned eventualities. The client will incur additional storage costs, but that provides a safe holding cell for their items. Considering that the goods will be insured, the client can expect the utmost care and protection. Either way, it is safer to have the goods delivered late but in the right condition.

Services Availability

The advantage of man and van services is that they are available at any time. The client should contact the company, and the moving services will be available as soon as possible. Additionally, some companies offer round the clock services, which is very convenient for people under strict time constraints.

These reasons make man and van services more affordable when moving to a new house. Apart from affordability, flexibility, safety and efficiency translate into substantive monetary savings. This makes the man with a van service more cost-effective for moving house across the UK.

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