Hate Sudoku? 4 Other Ways To Exercise Your Brain

Now more than ever, the importance of keeping our brain healthy doesn’t just keep us healthy in life, but it can keep us happy. Many people found that as a result of the pandemic they started to find ways to exercise and keep themselves nimble. And while many people decided to keep physically fit, a lot of people started to exercise their brains. If you like the idea of it, but it seems too difficult in practice, that provides you with a few simple ways to get started. After all, it’s never too late!

Expanding Your Vocabulary 

While you may not like the idea of doing a crossword every single day, you can expand your vocabulary in some simple ways. You can stretch your mind using numerous word unscramble tools but you can start even smaller. You can get a daily reminder from websites like Dictionary.com, giving you a word of the day. But you can also keep an eye out for one unfamiliar word every single day, write down this word, look up the definition, and then try to use this word five times the following day. 

A Jigsaw Puzzle

If you have numerous jigsaw puzzles lying around the house, it’s not just a great thing to do with the kids if they are bored, but it’s a fantastic way to strengthen your brain. Doing jigsaw puzzles requires various cognitive abilities. It’s a fantastic way to protect what is called your visuospatial cognitive aging. When you put together a jigsaw puzzle, you’ve got to look at a collection of smaller pieces, and figure out where they fit within a bigger picture. 

Learning a New Skill, and Teaching It to Someone Else

If you are someone that feels you’re not able to retain new information, learning a new skill is not just a fantastic way to strengthen the connections in your brain, therefore improving memory function, but teaching the skill to someone else requires you to explain the concepts and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. And the benefit of learning a new skill that you feel you will have to teach to someone else forces you to pay more attention the first time around.


Not all brain workouts have to be mental! Dancing is obviously a very great way to exercise your body, which intern exercise is your brain, but when you start to learn new dance moves, this will improve your brain’s ability to process memory and speed. There are plenty of online dance classes that you can take advantage of. And it could be the perfect way for you to align your brain and your body. Dancing is one of those things that truly engage both sides of your brain but connects everything. It forces you to reevaluate many aspects of your life, and you may even find yourself improving your frame of mind, not just your diet!

Everybody has concerns with age-related cognitive decline, and if you’re looking for little ways to start out, these four methods will serve you well.

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