Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Friends

We’re all having a strange time at the time, which is making birthdays feel odd. If you’re buying a gift for a friend, you might be feeling the pressure to make sure you give them something thoughtful, especially if you know they’re having a difficult year. Here are some ideas for some thoughtful gifts for your friends.

Gifts For The Home

We’re all spent a lot of time at the moment, and will likely be spending more time there for a while. Gifts that add something nice to the house are bound to be gratefully received. Think about your friend’s home and how they like their decor. What could you give them that would suit them?

A scented candle is a classic gift, but one that people always enjoy. Spend some time choosing one with a scent you know they will like. Think about the perfume they wear or the candles they burn themselves to help you choose. 

Plants are a great gift too. If your friend doesn’t have much of a green finger, choose something easy to care for, like a succulent, or order flowers online instead of something they need to keep alive. 

A digital photo frame could be thoughtful. We’re all missing people during the pandemic, so being able to load up photos of happier times might make your friend smile.. 

Delicious Gifts

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Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Friends

Hobby Gifts

Does your friend have a hobby? A thoughtful gift would be something connected to that hobby to help them along. For example, if your friend likes to cook, you could buy them a new recipe book by a chef they like or some new kitchen equipment. Quality cooking oils might also go down well. 

If your friend took up a new hobby during the lockdown, choose a gift related to that. A lot of people took up things like baking, making their own beer, or sewing. Hobby kits could be a fun gift to help someone new to a hobby, like packet mixes for a bread maker, kits to make felt animals, or kits for beer brewing. 

Funny Gifts

Sometimes the most thoughtful thing you can give is something that makes the receiver laugh. Times have been sad, stressful, or anxious for a lot of people, and a laugh could be ideal. If you’re buying for one of those people who are hard to buy for or who already has everything, a funny gift can be much easier to buy. 

You don’t have to buy a gag gift that they will laugh at, then never use again. Instead, aim for something that will amuse them but actually be useful. For example, if your friend is the girly sort, they’re bound to be entertained by something like a mermaid blanket. They’ll laugh when they open it, but then actually be able to get some use out of it on the sofa in the evenings. 

Avoid the novelty coffee mug idea, as everyone has cupboards full of mugs they never use. They might like an oversized wine glass though. 

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