Buying Jewelry When You’re on a BudgetIt seems like there is always something that takes a toll on your budget, from kids’ sports to doctor visits, from new clothes to music lessons. It is hard to discipline yourself to put money for the things you want and need for yourself aside. However, self-care is important, and making sure you have your own wants and needs met is important as well.

Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t get nice things, and that includes jewelry. Here are a few ways you can still get a good deal on jewelry even on a budget.

Avoid Prestige Names

It seems like a no brainer, but if you are on a budget, you probably aren’t buying designer clothes, and the same is true for jewelry. If a famous jewelry designer puts their name on an item or a collection, you can almost be sure it is going to cost more.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get custom or designer jewelry. It means that smaller designers, local jewelers, and other sources for custom jewelry are more viable. A name does not always mean higher quality standards, especially if the name is on a line of jewelry that is mass produced.

Sterling is In

Silver is in, and if you look for sterling silver jewelry, you will get something that is high quality and durable. Just remember, sterling silver is 92.5% pure, while nickel silver or German silver has no real silver content at all.

The high price of gold means that other materials for jewelry have taken its place. Silver is a fashion trend and is thousands less than the gold equivalent in almost every setting. As an alternative material for jewelry, it is one of the best and least expensive options that still remains both beautiful and valuable.

Pearls are Coming Back

Remember the strands of pearls your grandmother wore, or even the intricate pearl bracelets? Those are coming back in style, along with some new ways of using pearls. The good news in this case is that pearls are less expensive than other gemstones, and even synthetic pearls make beautiful jewelry.

It is important to make the distinction between imitation pearls and synthetic ones. Synthetic pearls are grown in a lab, while imitation pearls are colored pieces of glass or even plastics or other polymers. If an imitation is well done, it is often hard to distinguish from the real thing.

Be sure to verify what you are buying, but you can often get great deals on beautiful pearl jewelry, including those set in silver settings.

A Real Gem

Speaking of natural, synthetic, and imitation pearls, the same standards apply to other gems. If you are looking for the best deal, you have some choices.

Just like with pearls, synthetic gems are grown in laboratories instead of being mined naturally. This makes them more plentiful and therefore less expensive. In some cases, this also avoids some of the ethical dilemmas associated with gem mining, such as the trafficking of diamonds and rubies.

While some jewelers can offer you guarantees about the source of their gems, some are difficult to verify. Synthetics do offer a reasonable alternative, as even natural stones are usually treated in some way in a lab to enhance appearance.

Just stay away from fake or imitation gems. They are also often in cheap settings, and the materials used are inferior. These gems are rarely a good deal.

Shop with Care

When it comes to shopping, there are several alternatives. You can shop in stores, although many large chains and box stores have high overhead and markup jewelry excessively, one of the reasons they can offer such amazing sales from time to time.

You can also shop online for jewelry. Usually online jewelry stores have lower overhead and therefore lower prices. Some also offer better return policies, satisfaction guarantees, and warranties than their physical counterparts.

No matter how or where you shop, make comparisons when it comes to price, quality, and overall value to be sure you are getting the very best deal.

Buying jewelry when you are on a budget is a great form of self-care. Taking care of your needs does not have to break the bank though. Follow these tips when buying jewelry on a budget.

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