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A Review of the Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

Looking for a modern coffee table with an affordable price tag? Check out this stylish and functional lift top coffee table! Not only will it match almost any decor, but it can also turn into a workspace in just seconds. 

The YAHEETECH Lift Top Coffee Table is very easy to assemble and took me about one hour to get it all set up. This is a very sturdy and well made coffee table, I have owned several over the years and I can tell this one is going to last years. The table does not wobble and has a very solid structure. 

A Review of the Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

The bottom shelf of the coffee table is the perfect place to store items that you want to easily have accessible. This is also a very sturdy and solid shelf that will be able to withstand the weight of the items being stored on it. 

A Review of the Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

For those of you that want exact weight measurements for how much this coffee table can hold this next bit of information is for you. The maximum load capacity total for the top is 77lbs, when extended the weight capacity is 22lbs, the inside storage capacity is 33lbs and the bottom shelf weight capacity is 40lbs. 

A Review of the Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

The tabletop of this coffee table can be effortlessly lifted up and forward to create a workspace when sitting on your sofa. The high-quality metal mechanism enables the tabletop to be lifted up or lowered down easily and without noise. Once in the lifted position, the table top is very sturdy and does not move around when you are working on it. 

A Review of the Yaheetech Lift Top Coffee Table

A hidden storage compartment beneath the top is designed to store your often-used items like laptop, chess, remote controllers, game controllers and suchlike under the top when not in use, keeping them handy and dirt-free. The bottom open shelf without baffles can hold blankets, books, snacks and knick-knacks.

I am also really fond of the size, this is not a huge coffee table that is going to take up a lot of space and that is one of the top features. Space saving, multi-functional, quality and affordable… you can not go wring with the YAHEETECH Lift Top Coffee Table

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