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Zike Z150 Review

A special thanks to Zike for providing the Miss Frugal Mommy blog with a product for free in exchange for an honest review!

 About Zike

Adult and childhood obesity have become a national epidemic endangering the quality of life for many. Ziking synergistically engages the major muscle groups to deliver a total body fitness fun experience.

Improved Posture: We teach our kids to observe good posture so that they may avoid back problems as adults. So why do we put them on bikes in a “hunched over” position? Ziking naturally encourages improved posture. Another great way of improving posture is by walking a dog according to
Joint Impact:
Easier on bones and joints than running.
Improves Balance and coordination:
“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Ziking engages constant coordination of the whole body, while major muscle groups work together to maintain balance.
Cardio & Pulmonary: Breathe deep and enjoy the wind in your face! Ziking delivers superior aerobic and cardiovascular fitness freedom!
Burn More Calories:
Why be stuck in the gym watching the clock? Ziking offers a superior calorie burn while both time and scenery quickly fly by. Burn up the calories, burn up the road!
Unparalleled Riding Performance:
Einstein taught us that matter and energy are interchangeable. Using a powerful patented leverage principal, Zike utilizes both the rider’s energy and weight to catapult beyond yesterday’s ride.

“Zike is radically redefining the industry to offer a new and better way for kids and adults to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors!”

Zike Z150 Review

 My Review

My seven year old daughter recently had the misfortune of losing her scooter during our big move across the country. I felt really bad, as it was something she used all of the time and was looking forward to using at our new home. I decided it was time to browse the internet and see why options there were for replacing her scooter. That is when I came across a product I have not yet heard of and had me instantly intrigued. The Zike is not your traditional scooter, but a cross between bike and a scooter. It wasn’t until I began reading about it more and watching videos did I truly understand how amazing the Zike was. This amazing product manages to contain both major features of a scooter and bike. while not being too difficult to ride.

 As you can see from the next several pictures below, the Zike Z150 is very well made, sturdy, functional and packed full of safety features. Please take a moment to scroll down and view the Zike features listed on the images.

Zike Z150 Review


Zike Z150 Review


Zike Z150 Review


Zike Z150 Review

 My daughter was completely infatuated with the Zike and could not wait to get it on the road to practice. This is going to be the perfect thing for her to use during summer break, providing both entertainment and exercise. She just two months shy of her eighth birthday and has the Zike on the smallest setting. She still has a lot of growing to do before the Zike is no longer suited for her and will last her much longer than a regular bicycle. I am just thrilled with the amount of physical activity she will get from the Zike and the balance and agility she will gain. This is actually the perfect product to help a child learn how to ride a regular bike since they can easily catch them self when falling. My overall impressions, well the Zike has exceeded them all and I could not be more amazed with the quality and functionality. I see the next few summers are going to be quite entertaining for my daughter as she travels the neighborhood in her very fun and stylish Zike!

Zike Z150 Review


Watch The Zike 150 In Action!

 Want to see the Zike live in action, watch the video below and see for yourself just how amazing the Zike really is!


Connect With Zike


6 thoughts on “Zike Z150 Review

  1. I wish my experience was as positive. My Zike came missing some parts and I have tried many different ways to get in touch with them and I can’t get them to even reply.

      1. I was able to contact them today and place an order. I called the number listed. I was told there was a 6 month warranty and anything defective.

  2. I purchased this for my daughter and I am so disapointed with there customer service. It is Brand New but is damaged at the bottom, paint is peeling off. It is a Christmas gift for my daughter. I do not recommend purchasing from this company. Customer service is a joke. No one has replied to my email or replied to me on Facebook. After speaking with Michelle who is from customer service and explaining the damage to my daughters Zike Z150. She will no longer take my calls, it always goes to voicemail and she never returns my calls. I expected better from a company for an item that cost close to $200. The customer service that I have had so far is terrible. I purchased from so that I would be covered by warranty, however this is terrible, they don’t stand by there warranty!!

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