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Zangadoo Kangaroo Review & Giveaway

A special thanks to Zangadoo for providing me with free products for my to review on my blog!

Zangadoo Kangaroo, An Australian Adventure Game

App Description

Help Zangadoo and his little brother Joey find their way home after losing their magic boomerang.

With the support of their closest mates Emily Emu, Platypus, Barnaby Budgie, Wally Wombat, and Cooper Koala, you can help our stars navigate five challenging levels: the Outback, Billabong, Rainforest, Beach, and then back home to Zillaroo, Australia.

Along the way pesky dingoes, crocodiles and other exhilarating Australian obstacles make for a wild and amazing adventure. And when things get a little scary, Zangadoo’s magic boomerang is right at your finger tips to help save the day!

My Review

This fun and adorable app is perfect for children of all ages! Both my children, ages 3 and 7, found themselves quickly intrigued by this game and I had to peel them away from the iPad for dinner! The best way to describe this app is by telling you that it’s a simpler version of angry birds. I loved how much easier it was though and that my three year old could use it with much more ease.  We are still in the earlier levels of this game, but my son is loving every minute of it an in no rush to pull ahead too quickly. I know once he realizes how much more this game has to offer, he will be even more in love with it! This is really a wonderful app that could really benefit your child! Visit the iTunes store today to download the Zangadoo Kangaroo app for FREE!!!

 More Information On Zangaroo

Zangadoo and friends is a children’s character franchise that includes a children’s book, merchandise, and our recently launched Apple IOS game.”

“Zangadoo™ Kangaroo was an idea just waiting to bounce out of the pouch. The creative team at Zangadoo™ Entertainment has brought the lovable kangaroo and his unique Australian friends to life in every possible way—mobile games, a children’s book series, cartoons, toys,, and more. We’re committed to creating imaginative, high-quality products and engaging interactive experiences for children and adults. Along the way, we hope to share our passion for the great big continent of Australia and its many wonders. Welcome to the magical world of Zangadoo!”

Products We Reviewed

Giveaway Time!

 Now for the exciting part! Zangadoo was kind enough to offer one of my fans their very own personal gift pack including the Zangadoo tee (kid S or M) and super adorable kangaroo plush doll!

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