You’ve Gotten Into College, Now to Choose Your Major

Congratulations! You’ve gotten into college (and hopefully your dream school). Now that you know where you’ll be spending the next four years, you can start thinking about what you want to study, or what you’re most interested in studying.  

Your major is going to be important to your college career and your overall career. Depending on your major, what you choose to study can put you on a logical and successful path, or it can leave you confused as to what you should do next.  

There’s also the chance that you have no idea what you’d like to study, and that’s ok. You have a bit of time. Before declaring and changing your major a few times before you graduate (which can prolong your graduation date and the money you’re spending), you should settle into your school and figure out which program is strong and which direction you’d like to go in.  

Many universities allow you to take your first year to figure this out. Utilize that time. Take courses that you’re very interested in or possibly interested in, as long as these don’t interfere too much with your core curriculum.  

If you’re at a loss as to what you want to study, or which major would be the best for you, follow some of these guidelines and ask yourself the right questions.  

  • What do you excel in?  

It’s better to ask yourself not just what you’re good at, but what you excel in. Which subjects did you destroy in school? Which subjects held back your GPA? Which subject do you think you’ll be good at but haven’t had the chance to explore until now? Think about what you already know; you can somewhat seamlessly accomplish before thinking too big. Remember, there are also subjects you can minor in.  If you are interested in science, you can find an online MS program and obtain your master’s in science.

  • What are you passionate about?  

It’s not only valuable to know which subject or subjects you excel in, but also what you’re deeply passionate about. Passion can take you a little further than ability. It’s something that can propel you even after your education is done.  

  • Will majoring in this subject be realistic?  

When it comes down to it, you (and/or your parents) will likely be spending quite a bit on college (just click here), so you’ll want to be savvy about which major will allow you to step into a realistic career path. While your biggest consideration shouldn’t only be money and accolades, you should think about how sustainable a degree in Latin would be, especially if it’s going to cost you upwards of $40,000.  

  • Is this major forward-thinking?  

In this day and age, we should always be thinking of progress. With so much technical innovation being done, how we do things change fast. You should take this into account when choosing your major. Will, the major, be around for a while? Will the career attached to it be around? You want to know that your major is worthwhile, above all else.  


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