Your Health Just Took A Nosedive. Now What?

Our society promotes health as the norm and considers any deviation a problem. But the truth is that most people live with bad health for most of their lives in one way or another. It just seems to be the way things work. 

When your health takes a nosedive, it can come as a shock. You don’t expect it. As a conscious being, you feel like nothing’s changed. But you’re attached to a body that isn’t doing what you want it to do anymore.

What’s more, your health can sometimes decline for external reasons that have nothing to do with your lifestyle. Just ask anyone who’s filed a distracted driver lawsuit in the past. They often experience bad health through no fault of their own. 

When your health declines, it’s critical to respond in a smart manner. Here’s what to do. 

Adjust Your Expectations

It’s unrealistic to expect to be healthy forever. That’s not how life works. Therefore, you’ll want to change your expectations, preferably before something goes wrong. Your attitude should be one of gratitude when you are healthy with full knowledge that eventually something will go wrong. 

Remind Yourself That It Won’t Last Forever

When we have health problems, it is tempting to believe they will last forever. But that’s rarely how things pan out in practice. Instead, conditions improve considerably over time. 

Even if you have a problem with no resolution, you can often manage it better as your life continues. It might seem dreadful right now, but that doesn’t mean it will always be that way. 

Do Something Nice For Yourself

When it comes to health, a lot of it is mind over matter. Therefore, if you can be kind to yourself and feel relaxed, you may speed up your recovery. 

After an injury or serious illness, take a rest. Don’t allow your mind to generate a constant stream of negative thoughts that play havoc with your emotions. Give yourself permission to have a pleasant inner experience. 

Change Your Lifestyle

Next, consider changing your lifestyle. Observe how people who eat right and get plenty of sleep and exercise always seem to be healthy and full of life. Making wholesale adjustments to how you live can have a profound impact on your physiology and reverse many chronic conditions. 

Most doctors won’t talk about lifestyle medicine because they don’t get any training in it. However, it is the most potent intervention out there because it addresses the cause of the problem instead of just managing your symptoms. 

Changing your lifestyle is hard at first, but after about three to six months, it becomes a habit. It’s something you do automatically, and you are far less likely to go back to your old ways. 

Talk To Someone

Lastly, don’t deal with declining health by yourself. Talk to someone about how you feel. If you are struggling to cope with physical decline, speak with a counselor or a talk therapist. Get them to give you strategies you can use to deal with the changes you are experiencing. 

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