Your Guide to the Kind of Claims You Can Expect from a Hairdresser

The sad fact is that thousands of clients fall victim to the negligence, inattention, poor skill and training, and recklessness of their hairdresser each year, but only a few dare take the necessary steps to file a claim. The injury and damage brought on by a hairdresser or salon can be horrendous, leading to hair loss, both temporary and permanent, bald patches, cuts, and more. Even the simple act of cutting your hair can lead to dissatisfaction and injury – what more for treatments that require a particular skill or knowledge, such as treating hair with dyes or bleaches, applying hair extensions, and using a hot iron or tongs? However, what kinds of claims can you expect if you plan to make a claim and seek compensation for your hair or scalp injury? We all know that you can seek compensation for general damages, but what about special damages and other expenses related to the injury, such as medical, travel, and transport expenses? Here’s your guide to the types of claims you can expect from a hairdresser.

  • General damages

The first type of claim you can expect from your hairdresser is general damages. But what is it, exactly? Simply put, this claim refers to the suffering and pain you have experienced and have had to deal with since your injury. This claim can also include the injury’s impact on your life and day-to-day dealings with people, and it could also impact any loss of reputation you have had as a result of the injury. These damages cannot be measured, but a good solicitor and expert in hairdressing compensation claims can help you determine the compensation amount based on their experience with this kind of injury.

  • Special damages

Next, we move on to special damages, and these types of damages are measurable. We’re referring to lost earnings or wages, property damage, such as stains on your clothes or your car, and whatever fees and salaries you have paid to carers or nurses who have had to stay with you.

  • Travel and transport expenses

Another major expense you can seek compensation for is your travel and transport expenses. These can include the cost of travelling to and from your medical professional for treatment and other transport expenses you may have incurred due to the accident.

  • Medical expenses

Of course, one can’t neglect the medical expenses associated with your injury, which can be substantial. It could include the cost of a private doctor along with any special equipment or tests required. So whatever treatment you need for your injury, which costs a fair bit of money, make sure it is included.

Other info – the amount of compensation

Once you have put all your expenses together (especially the immeasurable ones, which are harder to tally), you can decide on the amount of compensation you would like to get. After the salon or hairdresser considers all the aspects, they can determine whether the compensation you are asking for is fair. They would have to assess the severity of your injury and the type of injury. Along with this, they have to consider the overall negligence and any other negative implications. You cannot tell the compensation amount you will receive, but consult a solicitor today if you would like a rough estimate and a better idea of how you can strengthen your claim.

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