Writing A Literature Review: Is It Easy Or Not? Tips & Advice!

Writing A Literature Review: Is It Easy Or Not? Tips & Advice!

What are the essential things to remember for writing a literature review?

Writing is easy and interesting to some students, but difficult and boring for the others. There are two issues for self-test correctness of writing literature review: is should be based on the research objectives; review is written correctly when it can be published as a separate article. You find writing review of literature difficult, don’t you? Let’s remind the most important things.

What to start with? Tips to remind and remember!

1. You should review all kinds of sources that are relevant to the theme of the research. If the source list appears to be very large, it is necessary to limit the parameters of the bibliographic search (publication language, country, year of publication, etc…).

Writing A Literature Review: Is It Easy Or Not? Tips & Advice!
2. While studying the literature, don’t try only “to borrow” material. At the same time think about the information found. This process can last throughout the work on the topic. Gradually own thoughts that have arisen during acquaintance with the work of other people will be the basis for your review.
3. Don’t use all of the information that is contained in a specific source, only that, which directly concerns your topic. The criterion for the selection can be the possibility of its practical use in your further research.

Some common issues which are often forgotten by students

1. When studying literary devices, register the links (online libraries, etc) where they were found to make it easy to return to them later if needed.
2. The selection of the facts from sources should be objective. You can’t deny the facts just because they are hard to explain or it’s difficult to find their practical application.
3. The number of citations should be used optimally, i.e. determined by the needs of development of the dissertation topic. Too many citations will reduce the originality of your paper, when it is checked for plagiarism. And, although the quote is not plagiarism, still be focused on the results of such verification.
Still, including quotes and other borrowed materials in a literature review is one of the most important stages of its preparation. So, try to find a balance.

What are the main objectives of the literature review?

– Familiarization with variety of materials, their classification, selection of the most interesting studies and basic fundamental works, awareness with the most significant research results;
– Identifying areas of the greatest or special interest, which were not yet sufficiently studied and that could be the subject for further research.

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