Work For Moms On Maternity Leave: Current Professions In 2022 

Only a woman who has recently become a mother understands how you can change priorities with the snap of your fingers. The attitude, habits, and life goals are changing, and an increased sense of anxiety appears because you need to take care not only of yourself but also of the baby.

Remote work on maternity leave is a great way not only to support the family budget but also to get distracted. In the end, when else to engage in self-education, if not on maternity leave?

For many successful women today, it all started with the birth of a child. A woman who enjoys motherhood and earns at the same time will never know what boredom or depression is.

Remote work for women: what are the advantages?

The first plus is that to work from home, it is not necessary to resort to the help of nannies, grandmothers, neighbors, and so on.

The second advantage is, of course, the work schedule. A woman can build the regime of her working day herself, based on the regime of her baby. Working remotely allows you to do tasks and rock the crib simultaneously.

Also, unlike office routines, you can simply close the laptop if you need to feed the child or take them to the hospital or to a developmental circle.

And the third plus is the social side. That woman who used to build a career and lead an active lifestyle before giving birth to a child can simply “go crazy” within four walls afterwards. Entrepreneurial activity diversifies the mom’s routine and allows her to escape the monotony of maternal leave.

Who can work on the Internet? Freelance with no experience

Of course, you can learn how to do manicures or knit blouses, bake cakes, or do hairstyles. But still, the most effective option would be to train a modern and in-demand online profession.

Modern realities make it possible not to spend many years studying at a university. Now you can learn almost any digital profession remotely in various online courses, without prior experience.

If you used to work, for example, as an accountant, love accuracy, and have a mathematical mindset, you can try yourself in the IT field. A programmer is not the easiest profession to start, but you can easily find various courses on programming from scratch on the Internet. Also, the technical field includes such professions as web developers, system administrators, or testers.

If at heart you are a great “salesperson”, you know how to approach different people and lead them to purchase, then freelancing offers you the field of Internet marketing. An Internet marketer or SMM specialist advertises, promotes, and sells goods or services. The difference is that the marketer does it all over the Internet, while the SMM promotes the product only through social networks.

And finally, if you want to let your imagination run wild and set off on a creative flight so that each new project is different from the previous one, welcome to the field of design. We propose to pay attention to one of the simplest and most popular areas – designing product cards for marketplaces (such as Amazon, Shopify, etc.).

Where to look for maternity jobs?

If you have already decided on a profession and have received all the basic skills in paid or free courses, it’s time to start looking for orders. There are several options here.

First, these are freelance exchanges:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Indeed

There are a lot of similar exchanges on the Internet, read the reviews and choose the conditions under which it is more convenient for you to work.

Secondly, there are bulletin boards like TalentHubstaff or VirtualVocations. Also, you can look for a part-time remote job on Jooble. Everything here is extremely simple and clear. Advice: through bulletin boards, you work directly with the customer, therefore, in order to avoid misunderstandings or deceit, work either on an advance payment or under a contract.

And thirdly, recruiting platforms (LinkedIn, Zoho Recruit, Freshteam, etc.). These are intermediaries in the labor market that help employers in the search and selection of personnel.

Working remotely is a promising option

Very often, a regular part-time job for women becomes a full-time job with a good level of income: 9 out of 10 women who learned to earn money during maternity leave never return to their previous job.

Remote part-time work is a great way not to lose yourself, to realize yourself in a new profession, and become a sought-after specialist, while not depriving your household of attention.

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