Winnipeg, Quebec City & Montreal: The Best Winter Cities in Canada

Canada has some of the best cities just waiting to be explored and enjoyed in the winter months, with many of them boasting a number of exceptional things for visitors to do once they arrive.

There are a number of different activities that can be completed within each area of the vast nation, as the country appears to turn magical in the season as certain areas can be covered in a blanket of snow that really captures the imagination.

Of course, the snowy elements means winter sports can be participated in the country, with it arguably being the best place on earth for anyone who wants to be able to take to the slopes and ski or snowboard, whilst those who like to skate on the ice will find many locations where they can take to the ice.

Therefore, which cities are the best to visit when the winter arrives in Canada and what are the best activities that can be completed whilst there?

Niagara Falls

Perhaps famous for the impressive waterfall that exists within the city, Niagara Falls is a top city to visit in the winter. Located in the province of Ontario, the location truly comes into its own during the winter months.

Many may associate the region with the warmer months, however it could be argued that the destination cannot be experienced in all its glory unless it is in the season of winter. The magical waterfall lights up with firework displays, whilst the region is home to various festivals (including the Winter Festival of Lights). Oh, and if you seek adrenaline-boosting activities, then you can zipline over the falls!

Quebec City

Europeans who visit Quebec City may feel like they are at home here as the city has a number of cobblestone streets that are traditionally found in locations within the continent. In addition, it can be a bit of a throwback in regards to history, as the destination features a number of traditional features and aesthetics that do not seem to have been given the same touch that much of Canada has received in more modern times.

Visitors are able to participate in a range of different activities when they visit in the winter, as well, with the popular Quebec Festival (Le Carnaval de Québec) taking place where families can see a variety of different snow sculptures and take part in rides that are fun for all the family. Once they return to where they are staying, everyone can relax and chill out with fun activities such as playing a number of games with each other, watching the winter sports events or even trying the best Canadian online casinos for a session of live dealer games.  


If visitors truly want to experience what winter really has to offer Canada, then it is highly recommended that they visit the city of Winnipeg in Manitoba. Whilst the region can become incredibly cold (the warmest it gets is still negative 8/9), the city embraces the elements and makes the most of them.

The Forks is perhaps one of the best things to do in the area, with it being a riverside attraction that freezes over in the heart of downtown. Once it does, it becomes one of the world’s longest skating rinks that everyone can enjoy.


The capital city of any destination is always a must-visit when going on a vacation, however Ottawa is one that really must be visited whilst it is winter. Ice skaters will love the capital city as it boasts the world’s largest skating rink which is based alongside the Rideau Canal.

Once this activity has been enjoyed, tourists can experience the free Winterlude festival where they can see a number of ice sculptures, witness a number of live performances and participate in a number of ski lessons. Those that wish to see the natural wildlife the area has to offer can head to Omega Park where wolves, arctic foxes and bison can be seen.


Tourists looking for a Canadian city that can provide them with everything they could want to do and experience in the winter should be looking to visit Montreal before anywhere else in the country.

The city boasts plenty of culture, whilst the chilly season is completely embraced as there are a number of different festivals to enjoy whilst activities such as snowboarding, skiing, skating and snowshoeing across Mount Royal Park are all available to do!

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