Why You Should Try Wildgrain

Are you a fan a subscription services, particularly ones that ship food right to your door? Then you are going to love Wildgrain, they are the first bake from frozen delivery service for sourdough breads, artisan pastries, and fresh pasta!

Wildgrain has made it simple for you to join, all you have to do to start your membership is pick “mixed box” or the “bakery box.” Your box then gets delivered to your front door once a month. You store the bread, pasta and pastries in your freezer and when you are ready to enjoy, it takes under 25 minutes to cook/bake them.

Each Wildgrain box that you receive comes with the making over 30 plus individual meals, so you are truly getting your moneys worth. All of the food that comes in your box is made with clean ingredients and there are no preservatives. All of the flours that they use to make these products are unbleached and non-GMO. They even give you free croissants for life with your membership and you will receive four with every single box. I received my first box this month and was immediately impressed with how well packaged the products were. Everything arrived in an insulated box and food in the box were still frozen when they arrived. The food itself is exceptional quality and some of the best food I have ever enjoyed.

If you are a fan of delicious breads, pastas and pastries I highly encourage you to give the Wildgrain Bread Subscription Box a try, you will not be disappointed!

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