Why Taking a Few Minutes to Be Polite Can Save Your Life

Why Taking a Few Minutes to Be Polite Can Save Your LifeWe live in a crazy world where it is not always safe. Things escalate and get out of hand quickly. Most have experienced sudden bursts of agitation and anger while behind the wheel, hence the term ‘road rage.’ Unfortunately, even the most mild mannered person can turn into a raving lunatic within seconds. In some cases, it’s caused by the feeling of being slighted or disrespected. However, practicing niceties and proper driver etiquette ensures there will be no arguments or accidents on the road.

Always Signal

Signaling may seem laborious or unneeded at times, yet it’s required by law and it pays courtesy to other drivers. Imagine waiting to turn out of a side street and needing to wait for an oncoming car that winds up turning before it passes you. It would be a lot more courteous for that car to signal to you that it was turning so you would not have to wait.

In another scenario, the car behind you may assume you will continue at the same speed limit unless you signal to make an upcoming turn. Otherwise, the driver may pull their attention away for a second and run into you while you’re making a sudden turn. Get in contact with a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer if injured in an accident. Those at Tate Law Offices will ensure you’re properly compensated for pain and injuries.

Limit Honking

There are times when it’s useful to give a honk. For example, honk if you think an adjacent bicyclist doesn’t see you, if the person ahead of you at the light does not go when it turns green, or to let a person pulling out of their driveway know that you’re coming down the lane.

However, there are obnoxious ways to use your horn, such as using it for too long or in succession. We all experience momentary lapses of reason and attention. Do not be overly zealous with your horn if someone makes a mistake, especially after the moment has passed.

Stay Right

The left lane is reserved for those who want to pass. Stay right in case people want to pass you. Moreover, worry about yourself. Some people are going to speed as a habit, or be in a rush due to emergency situations. Stay to the right as a way to avoid being in the way or having someone ‘tail’ you. If you do observe aggressive driving, contact your local police department and provide the driver’s license plate number.

Pay Attention

We live at a time when people are constantly on their smartphones. Despite it being against the law, people talk on their phones and text all the time while behind the wheel. You’ll get a ticket if you’re caught by police. But you should refrain from using your phone and engaging in other forms of multitasking while behind the wheel out of respect and for the safety of all drivers on the road. It’s essential that you pay attention at all times when behind the wheel, especially when moving at high speeds.

Megan Nicholson works in the auto industry, currently within a large insurance company. She enjoys keeping up with the changing tech and writes about this and other industry changes in her articles.

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