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Wholly Guacamole: Avocado Ranch Review

A special thanks to Wholly Guacamole for providing me with their delicious products for free to review on my blog!

About the Product

“Pure, unaltered avocado, that’s always ready when you need it. Never wait for avocados to ripen again. Avocado nutrition is seriously good for you, so keep this wholesome avocado dip on hand so you can always enjoy fresh avocados. Stays good in your freezer for up to 3 months. “

What Our Taste Buds Thought

 After years of being a mom, I’ve discovered that my children will eat the vegetables I provide for them… just so long as they have something to dip them in! They became avid hummus eaters and could clear out a container in just days, which was fine with me since they were eating their vegetables. I have tried alternative dips to change things up a bit, but they never enjoyed anything else I offered. That was… until we discovered Wholly Guacamole! I am personally a huge fan of avocado, the loner in the family, and I add it to my food all the time. I was expecting my children to disapprove of the avocado ranch dip, due to their dislike of avocados. However, the ranch flavor provides a delicious hint of flavor and they were eating it right up! They also come in these convenient little travel packs, making it a great snack to pack for the beach. The Wholly Guacamole dips are perfect for when I can’t cook lunch fast enough and my children need a light snack to hold them over. Most importantly, they are all natural and made from pure avocados! What more could you possibly ask from in a dip?

You can find a great list of recipes on the Wholly Guacamole website and discover all the yummy ways to enjoy their products!

Do you have a  Giant store located in your area? Well then head on over there today and pick up a pack of the new Wholly Guacamole Avocado Ranch dip, you will not regret it!


Wholly Guacamole is currently working on expanding their distribution and you can help! You, as the consumers, can request it through your local store and produce manager. So don’t be shy, talk to your local produce manager and encourage them to add this wonderful brand to your local store!

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53 thoughts on “Wholly Guacamole: Avocado Ranch Review

  1. As a kid I could never even look at green food. Somewhere along the way as an adult I had the urge to try it. I have never looked back. Guacamole is a terrific food – I love it so much and use it on everything I can…Excellent review!

  2. We can’t get this anywhere near us but every time my daughter comes to visit she brings us a bag of “Wholly” products. We absolutely love everything we have tried of theirs and it keeps in the refrigerator really well!

  3. I don’t think that I have tried Wholly Yet?? But I am definitely a fan!

    Thanks for the post!

  4. I love guacamole and this is one of my favorite products. Avocado is actually good for my diabetes and the all natural ingredients, along with only 100 calories makes this product a very blissful purchase for me! Love it

  5. Avocados are so healthy! I buy lots of them when in season. But what to do out of season? Wholly Guacamole! I buy when on sale and freeze. Thaws beautifully.

  6. I think that this is a great addition to the Wholly line of foods, from salsa to now guacamole with ranch in it would be wonderful with some chicken nuggets or corn chips. I love my guacamole and I am so glad that Wholly keeps adding to its line of foods that are great. We have no Giant stores out here, but do have plenty of places to pick up more Wholly or fresh avacados = Have a wonderful day.

  7. I love avocado’s too!I love that Wholly Guacamole comes in travel packs now,so I can take where ever I go,and put it in the kids lunches too.

  8. i love avocados sooo much and I eat them once a week i love that these are pure and unaltered that is soooooo important to me and i will remember that the next time i am in the store and see this product.

  9. I am a huge fan of avocados and love guacamole! I have bought the snack packs and they are awesome for my kids in between their ball games – especially in the tournaments that they are playing 4+ games in one day. It is filling and a great way to give them a bit of energy. I will look for the ranch flavor. It sounds delicious!!

  10. I never really gave this a second thought until recently. I have learned how to (almost) prepare it for human consumption!
    I however,not realize you could freeze it for 3 months!
    Aha! Watch out! Good to know 🙂

  11. Love that their ingredients are pure and simple without any chemical additives or preservatives or transfats!

  12. We love avocado and guac at my house but I usually make it myself. After reading this review I am going to give this product a try! It would save time! Thanks so much!

  13. Great review as I enjoy how it’s made with 100% avocados with no transfats or GMOs! They make a delicious variety of salsas as well. Thanks!

  14. I never thought of the combo of guacamole combined with ranch! That definitely would make for a yummy dip or sandwich/taco topping! Thank you for the review!

  15. Never thought of the combo of guacamole combined with ranch! That would definitely make a yummy dip and sandwich/taco topping! Thank you for the review!

  16. I still cannot get my son to eat guacamole and he is 18!! I love all kinds of guacamole and the combo with ranch sounds yummy!! I have used the snack packs before for dipping chips and they are just the right size.

  17. Wholly Guacamole products are so good. I love the true avocado taste and now all the varieties so pick from; yum!

  18. I love the Wholly Guacamole line of products! I make my own guac but by so much gets thrown away because I can’t eat it in one sitting (well I probably could but I don’t think it would be too healthy! lol). The 100 calorie WG snack packs are amazing! I feel as though I am having a treat when i pack a lunch but am actually enjoying a health snack on some veggie sticks. Sooo Yummy!

  19. I love that you included the link to recipes. That will come in very handy, because we eat lots of Wholly Guacamole at our house! I’m anxious to try the Ranch one too!

  20. I love Guac, and this new flavor sounds so good. Wholly is sold at my local grocery store, I’ll look for the ranch flavor.

  21. Wholly Guacamole products are so amazing everyone wants to try them after seeing the recipes using them.

  22. I haven’t tried the salsa – sounds great though!! I love guacamole, and it is low cal as well. Healthy too 🙂 Lots of reasons to enjoy it over a cracker. Good review – enjoyed reading it, and was not aware of their site. Thanks!

  23. great review – I have not tried this product, but I love guacamole, as it is tasty, healthy and low calorie. I looked at the website, and it has very diversified products that I also would love to try. They sell this product at my local grocery, so I do believe that I am going to go out and purchase some….

  24. The Wholly Guacamole Avocado Ranch dip sounds delicious and I can’t wait to look for it when I go to the store next! Thanks!

  25. I had the classic guacamole for lunch and I am really excited to try the avocado ranch. Good thing I’m going grocery shopping tomorrow.

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