When to Start Traveling with Kids

When to Start Traveling with KidsFor some reasons, it is believed that the active life of parents ends with the birth of a child and the travel may harm the health of young children. These parents think it is better to start traveling with children as late as possible because of acclimatization and tedious flights. Other people claim that parents can travel with children even in the first week of their lives.

In fact, parents should think seriously about the necessity to take a little child on journey considering the kid’s age, temperament, and habits. While the child is too young, maybe you better go out to the countryside or to other places located near home? Really, is it good to take the kid on long trips? What child’s age is better for traveling with parents? Of course, children are different. Let’s consider three main age groups.

Toddlers Up to 6 Months Old

Traveling with a child under six months can be embarrassing and even dangerous since the immune system is only developing at this age. Children are very vulnerable to various infections during the first months of life. Any pediatrician can discourage unnecessary long travels with little toddlers. But if the travel is needful, a mother should take everything she would need on the road – enough diapers, clothes for change, food, and put on the most appropriate dress for breastfeeding.

It may sound contradictory but the journey with a small baby can be pleasant and moderately trouble-free. Healthy babies at this age do not tolerate badly short flights and relocations by car. As a rule, little children sleep most of the time while traveling. Remember that crying baby is treated with understanding all over the world. During the flight, the possible discontent of neighboring passengers is not your problem.

Child Aged from 6 Months to 3 Years Old

To have the best vacations, 2-year-olds are more adopted. This period is less dangerous for the child, but, nevertheless, there is a risk that the trip will negatively affect the child’s health. Doctors do not recommend moving children to the area where the climate very differs from the usual temperature for them. In most cases, young children easily pass acclimatization. However, beware of re-acclimatization upon return from countries with hot weather.

In addition, you should choose the type of transport that will be more convenient and comfortable for a child under 3 years old. It is better to refuse from buses. To start travel by car, a child needs a special seat. Most airline companies reserve special seats for adults with infants and stewardesses will be always glad to help. If you plan to walk a lot on vacation, it is better to purchase special equipment in advance for carrying children, such as a convenient backpack. Every mother knows exactly what problems can happen with the child on the road, so you need to pack up everything you may need.

Children Over Three Years Old

When children are older than three years old, they can easily go on a long trip. Their body is already strong enough to overcome the changes and peculiarities of the different climate. The older a child, the easier and faster he or she will get used to a new time zone. The child’s comfort and health come first. Carefully consider the wardrobe of your child. Clothes should be for all occasions as the weather can change dramatically.

The sudden illness on the eve of travel can break all plans. Therefore, try to avoid crowded places, dress the child properly, and don’t let him or her take cold drinks a week before departure. Take some simple drugs on the road and don’t forget about the medical insurance. Then, it is recommended to explain to the child some points about the future travel in advance. In the airplane salon, children seldom behave perfectly, if rather they are not heavily sleeping. The parents’ task is to organize for their child the time in travel with comfort and entertainment. With good preparation, your journey can be fine and non-exhaustive.

All in all, travels are profitable for children. While traveling, they get new experience and knowledge. In this way, they grow up very liberated and quickly find a common language with new people. However, the child is able to keep bright pictures in memory of the place you are going to visit mostly after 3 years old, not earlier. In fact, children do not tolerate badly long flights because they consider all conditions as natural. So, parents should not be afraid to fly with kids over long distances. Children are fine whenever their parents feel good.
Written by Nancy Cooper


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