What’s an Escape Room? A Beginner’s Guide

If you have never heard of escape room games, you are missing out. These puzzle games allow you to use your brain to complete riddles and overcome obstacles so you can escape the room and beat the game. For those who love a good challenge, these games provide an intense experience. Those who have never played an escape room game will need to read this beginner’s guide so they will understand what to expect and how to win.

The Basics of Escape Game Play

Before you get started on one of these games, it is a good idea to know how to play Escape Room games. Understanding the basics of game-play will assist you in being able to think the way the game wants you to think.

The basics of game-play involve carefully searching the room for any and all clues. You will use clues, hints, and your own unique strategy to be able to successfully escape the room. Knowing the best tips for playing this type of game will assist you in being able to escape well under the time constraints the game requires.

Tips for Escaping the Room

Escape games have become increasingly popular and are even being used in museums as a way to teach history. When playing an online escape game, there are a few tips that can assist beginners in developing a solid strategy for winning.

● Make sure you search every single item in the room. The most innocuous-looking items are sometimes the ones that lead to solving the puzzle.

● Try not to overthink. When new players begin playing this type of game, they often overthink things, making the game harder than it has to be. Sometimes, you can simply take clues at face value.

● Paying careful attention to the backstory you are given, if any, will help you to develop a strategy and focus on what to search for. The more you know about the story, the better the chances of you successfully beating the game.

● It is wise to avoid playing the game when you are overly tired. Tiredness prevents your brain from acting quickly and your impulses can end up leading you down the wrong path. Playing the game after a good night’s sleep is the best option.

● Escape gaming is an educational experience so make sure you fully immerse yourself in all it offers. Cut off all other electronics and make sure the room you are playing in is as silent as possible. A good escape game should feel as if you are actually in the game as a participant.

Work as a Team

Playing with friends is a great way to experience escape gaming, especially those games with jump scare and creepy appeal. If you have never played this type of game, getting some friends together for help and support will be beneficial.


Playing an escape game is fun and exciting. Sometimes, these games can really take you to the brink and make you feel like you are losing it. At that moment, you often find the key that brings you to escape. If you love a good challenge, this type of game will offer it all. Using the above tips and a concerted effort will help you escape the room you are playing.

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