What to Write in a Birthday Card: A Simple Guide

Are you trying to figure out what to write in a birthday card? If yes, you should check out our guide here for some great ideas.

Birthdays are a tried and trued method for letting that special person in your life know that you care about them, but you might be stumped about what to include in the card.

Although there are about a billion different birthday card messages you could come up with, only one is going to be absolutely perfect.

Keep reading to learn all about what to write in a birthday card.

Start With a Greeting and Wish

No matter what kind of birthday card you’re working on, you can’t leave out the birthday greeting and wish.

Are you wondering what other things to write in a birthday card? After you’ve wished them a happy birthday, you can add something more heartfelt and sentimental.

For example, you say that you wish them lots of giggles and smiles on their special day and ever after. If they have a certain goal they’re working toward, such as becoming a doctor, then you can wish them the best of luck in pursuing that.

If they’re religious, you can even send them blessings and prayers.

Consider Using Humor

Lots of laughs are just as important as tears of joy.

When thinking about birthday card ideas, consider including one of your best jokes. It could be an inside joke that just the two of you would know or it could be the latest joke you’ve heard from coworkers.

What matters is that you’re taking the time to brighten their day and make them laugh. One of my favorite places to find a funny joke of the day is LaffGaff, I can always find good jokes to add to cards. 

Add a Memory

Chances are, the person is someone you know quite well. In the spirit of celebrating yet another birthday, you can share with them one of your fondest memories together.

When it comes to what to say in a birthday card, you can even talk about some fun times you had during a past birthday. Even if you don’t know the person well, then you can talk about one of the few memories you do have of them.

Anything that’s positive and sweet will surely give them all the feels. In addition, you can make the memory a funny one.

Give it a Great Close

Just as all birthday cards need a birthday greeting at the beginning, you’ll also need to remember to include a great close to your message.

When writing to someone you care deeply about, you can say that you are “sending them lots of love.” Even if you don’t know them intimately, you can still say “warmest wishes” or “wishing you all the happiness in the world.”

If you want to make things even easier, then you should send an ecard for free.

Now You Know What to Write in a Birthday Card

With this helpful guide, you know what to write in a birthday card for that special someone. They will appreciate all the thought you put into it.

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