What To Do When Your Kids Say “I’m Bored”

Children coming up to you and saying “I’m bored” always feels a little ominous. It certainly ramps up the pressure. 

The first thing to know, though, is that being bored is actually a good thing for kids. When they have constant entertainment, it addles the mind. They’re not being encouraged to think up their own activities. However, when they are bored, it inspires them to get on with new things. 

As a parent, your job is mainly to steer them in a productive direction. You want your kids to engage in healthy play. This way, they’ll learn all the skills they need to become steady and intelligent adults. 

So when kids tell you that they’re bored, what can you suggest? Here’s some ideas. 

Go For A Bike Ride

Kids these days don’t get enough exercise. Currently, it’s a real problem, leading to bodily weakness and obesity. 

Going for a bike ride can be a great way for them to get more physical activity and achieve higher levels of freedom. When they cycle around the neighborhood, they’re able to meet new friends and have a lot of fun. 

Play Hide And Seek

Another idea is to play a game of hide and seek. Again, it encourages your children to be more active. 

Set boundaries for how far they can go and then involve older siblings. Get your kids to come up with interesting hiding spots. 

Write A Letter

Letter writing was once something that all young children learned how to do. These days, though, it’s become less commonplace thanks to emails and texting. 

For that reason, though, it’s also become much more fun. There’s something beautiful and ancient about writing a letter that we’ve lost in the modern world. 

Kids could write a letter to anyone – a long lost friend, a relative, or even someone famous. If they can’t write yet, get them to give you their ideas, and then you write them down. 

Bake Some Cookies

The great thing about baking cookies is that there is a delicious treat waiting for your kids at the end of the process. Baking cookies is actually very easy, and you probably have the ingredients you need in your home right now. First you’ll need the mix for the main body of the cookie, and then you’ll also want some toppings as well. 

Toppings are where the real fun happens. You can get your kids to create their own cookie design out of chocolate drops, mini-marshmallows and M&Ms. They could make the shape of a face, animal or just an abstract pattern. 

Play A Round Of Cornhole

Cornhole is another old-fashioned game that you can play any time. Your best bet here is to start playing yourself and then allow your kids to join you. Another tactic is to simply hand them a bean bag and then allow them to throw it in their own time. 

You can see more here about the game itself and some of the options available. These days, you can get personalized bags, which can be a lot of fun in their own right. 

Set Up A Pillow Fort

Kids love playing in pillow forts. They’re fun to build, and fun to make into hideouts.

To make a pillow fort, all you need are the cushions from your sofas and a few sheets. You then make the fort by forming the pillows into shapes like Stonehenge. 

Bring Out The Play Dough

Play dough is another gift from toymakers. Kids can make this versatile substance into just about anything they want.

While rolling balls and making sausages is fun, there’s a lot more that you can do with playdough than you might think. In fact, there are instructions online for how to create entire beach scenes, families and even helicopters. 

Paint Rocks

If there are some large stones or rocks lying around in your garden, you could suggest a rock painting afternoon. Just grab some child-safe paints and hand your kids some brushes. If necessary, show them designs for inspiration. 

Many people like to leave painted rocks in the countryside with tags on them that people can scan into their phones. These allow the rock’s finder to tell you where they found it and then where they put it, waiting for the next person to pick it up. Sometimes, rocks can travel thousands of miles, including between countries. 

Put On A Show

Another idea is to get your kids to put on a play. Ask them to come up with their own story and then act it out with puppets or themselves. A bit of drama can really help get their imaginations going, encouraging them to think outside of the box and develop plots.

Try A Scavenger Hunt

Kids find scavenger hunts almost irresistible. The prospect of finding a delicious treat somewhere in the undergrowth can have them searching for hours. 

As a parent, scavenger hunts can also be a lot of fun. They force you to find new and interesting hiding places in your garden or around your home.

If you’re worried about your kids generating a mess, host the scavenger hunt outside. This way, you can avoid them tearing through cupboards and drawers, trying to find candies. 

Get Them Into Yoga

Another option is to get them into yoga or do a fitness class with them. Just put down a yoga mat and then set up a laptop in front of them where they can get instructions. 

Kids will usually do yoga for around 30 minutes or so, but they’ll need child-friendly instruction. If they really enjoy their yoga practice, they may continue with it for longer. 

Clean And Organize Their Rooms

Kids don’t generally like the idea of cleaning and organizing their rooms, but they’ll usually help you if you ask for it. Start by asking them how they’d like to arrange their room. Give them some ownership over the process so that they feel invested in it. Then get them to help you move things around. Remind them that they will feel good in their rooms when everything is in its proper place. 

Host A Dance Party

Another idea is to just put on some music and have a boogie. When children hear music, they will often start dancing to it spontaneously, without any encouragement from you. 

You can also have a sing-a-long at the same time. 

Try Washing The Car

If your car is looking a little dirty, then you might want to host your own car wash. Kids actually quite like the idea of washing the car, so long as you don’t make it out to be a chore. The feeling of a wet sponge in their hands and soap suds between their fingers can be a great experience on a hot day. 

Play A Game Outside

If your kids need to let off a bit of steam, you might also want to try playing a game outside. Good ideas include baseball (or rounders), or wiffle ball. If you have a volleyball net set up, you can do that too. 

Go For A Hike

Depending on where you live, you might also consider taking your kids on a hike. This can be a great way to help them stay fit while also improving your mood. Research shows that just being out in nature is enough to make you feel great. 

Wrapping Up

When kids tell you they’re bored, your first reaction is to panic. However, there are plenty of quick activities that you can engage in. What’s more, being bored may actually be good for kids because it encourages them to try new things and manage their own time.

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