What Gadgets Are Worth It To Have In Your Kitchen? What Aren’t?

A trip to any electrical store will reveal shelves full of kitchen gadgets which their manufacturers promise are absolutely essential for your home. From popcorn makers to electric can openers, there seems to be a bewildering array of gadgets out there which are all jostling for position on your kitchen counter tops, but which ones do you really need and which ones can you do without? As anyone who has purchased one of the so-called “fad gadgets” knows, there are some things which you really don’t need taking up space in your cabinets or on your worktops. For example, a cotton candy maker… has anyone ever used theirs more than once? Yet there are a few kitchen gadgets which are well worth the investment and which you’re sure to use time and again. Are you wondering which ones? Then read on and discover our top tips for equipping your kitchen.

A Food Processor

Perhaps the top gadget that you’ll really appreciate having in your kitchen is a food processor. These multi-functional tools are absolutely brilliant for getting all kinds of chores done, from chopping vegetables to mixing a cake batter. Invest in one with plenty of attachments and you’ll find that there’s almost nothing this handy little machine can’t do. Whether you’re preparing a simple pasta sauce, whipping cream or chopping nuts, a food processor can tackle it all admirably!

A Hand Blender

Cheap, simple and very affordable, a hand blender will hardly take up any space in your kitchen drawers or cabinets but will be used time after time. Whether you’re pureeing vegetables for the baby, preparing a smooth sauce or making soup, a hand blender is the idea choice. The best ones are simple to take apart and can even be cleaned in the dishwasher, minimizing the workload.

A Slow Cooker

If you only invest in one kitchen gadget this year, you might want to make it a slow cooker. These amazing mini appliances take up minimal space on your counter tops but can be used to prepare delicious meals that are ready for you the moment you walk through the door. People who own these gadgets will testify to their usefulness. They can be used for making anything from curries and chilis to soups, desserts and even roast joints. In short- they’re like an oven but much smaller, and since they take all day, you can start them up in the morning and your food will be ready to serve the minute you get back from work at the end of a long, hard day. They’re the simplest way of preparing all kinds of meals and they’re very affordable too!

A Pot Filler

One gadget which many people don’t think about can be fitted to your kitchen sink and will prove to be surprisingly useful, whether you’re washing up by hand or preparing pasta. A pot filler makes it so much simpler to get a wealth of chores done in your kitchen, and it won’t take up any space on your countertops. You can find lots of detailed information about how to choose the right pot filler for you, so see more on and make the right decision.

Coffee Maker

If you love your cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll absolutely love having a coffee maker in your kitchen. In fact, some people would say this is their must-have gadget! Even if you aren’t a big java drinker yourself, you’re sure to appreciate having a coffee maker in your home when guests come around or when you host a dinner party – after all, a meal isn’t the same without a cup of joe afterwards is it? Choose from traditional percolator style coffee makers or pod machines which produce an enormous variety of drinks with just a single press of a button. It’s never been quicker or easier to prepare hot drinks in your own kitchen to rival any big name coffee shop! Check out this guide from the unclutterer on how to choose the right type of coffee maker for your needs.

These are just some of the top kitchen gadgets that are worth investing in for your home. Of course, if you’re a huge fan of donuts or brownies, you might want to buy an electric donut or brownie-maker, but for most people, the ideas that we’ve suggested here are the gadgets that you truly need for your home.

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