What Difference Can Teacher Friendships Make at Schools?

I always wondered in middle school, that if teachers are friends with each other? I have never thought that loneliness can get you at every stage of life. Every teacher aims to nurture the growth of their student and foster a healthy relationship with them. They have the responsibility of helping and guide them. Although the era of the internet has detached you from your instructor by taking help from term paper writing service writing but you can only reach the top by taking stairs.

 Step-by-step progress is a much better approach to success rather than taking a shortcut. So, if a teacher is that loyal and sincere to their students, why they can’t be with each other. Professional collaboration in school will make it a place to work but this is not the case always. Some people have grudges and different ways of doing things.

Differences among teacher’s ideologies:

Ideology and teaching methods differ among teachers. A research finding showed that teachers have a burden of responsibility. They have limited time to cover the syllabus and also maintain a learning environment in the class.

When too much responsibility is being given to a teacher, especially due to covid-19, he or she may commit mistakes. This will highlight their negligence in their duty and blame for bad performance. Some teacher thinks that pressuring students is the only way to get progress while other deny it and believe that extra efforts may result in better growth and prefer to engage with students.

This differences among teachers rise to conflict and stressful situation, that is difficult to handle. This will impact, both the school and students.

The positive impact of friendship:

But all that conflicts and disputes can be decreased by having a good and collaborative relationship between the teachers. The support and cooperation should be there to cover up each other’s mistakes. A friend will always support you, no matter what the circumstances are. Similarly, having a good colleague can make your journey memorable and also lessen your burden.

The friendship among teachers gives a positive impact on students too. That gives them the freedom to ask anything, anytime. A good relation offers an exchange of ideas and understanding of each other’s perspectives. Also, teachers having friendships among colleagues got support when they are having a tough time and help their fellows to shine.

A common belief, strengthen goals:

Teachers have one common aim, which is the progress of their school and students. All the teachers in the school put their effort to do everything they can and want their students to reach the top of the mountain. For a teacher, student’s achievement matters a lot rather than their career. With common beliefs among teachers, the friendship becomes stronger and unbreakable.

Collegiality brings a professional and collaborative environment, not for the school, but also the teachers. Take criticism as a part of your progress, not personally. A teacher who has great friends are always moving towards success and create a good place of environment for working.

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