What Are the Best Plants To Give As Gifts?

In recent years, houseplants have become a remarkably popular passion for millennials and more. Rather than showing up at a loved one’s door with a bouquet of flowers, you can visit your friends and family with live plants in tow and have just as exciting a reaction if not one that’s even more enthusiastic. Whether you’re turning to an experienced plant lover or a complete beginner, giving plants as gifts is a trendy yet thoughtful way to surprise the people in your life. 

A Plant That They Can’t Kill

First and foremost, consider whether your recipient has experience with house plants. Popular indoor plants might not have nociceptors to let them feel pain. But that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your favorite plants to a friend with a black thumb. Artificial house plants are an easy option, but you can get creative with other low-risk options, too. For instance, maybe your friend has been reading CBD reviews and talked to their doctor about adding CBD to their wellness routine. In that case, a CBD product could be a good gift that combines the popularity of plants with your loved one’s lifestyle. You know your friend or family member better than an article—the best plant for them may very well be something that’s not a conventional bit of greenery at all. 

A Plant That Brings Some Luck

So, you’ve decided that conventional house plants offer a great option for your friend or family member. Now, you’ll have to determine the proper plant variety! For instance, you might decide to make your gift a little more meaningful by choosing a plant gift that’s thought to come with a side of good luck. So, choose one like a money tree or lucky bamboo and hand your loved one a bit of good fortune alongside their new planter. In exchange, that good luck may even rub off a bit on you, too! 

A Plant That’s Pet-Friendly

If your loved one has a furry friend, you must offer them pet-friendly plants for their space. What types of plants are pet-safe? A resource like the ASPCA will provide a long list of non-toxic house plants that might work for your recipient’s whole family, including those on four legs. Money trees, peacock plants, Tuscan blue rosemary, and many different succulents are ideal for your favorite pet parents and their fur babies. 

A Plant That Shows Your Love

Many times, you’ll be offering gifts of house plants to loved ones, be that a romantic partner, family member, or another person who’s close to your heart. In that case, why not browse plants that affirm that love all the more? A hoya heart or sweetheart vine are both great options for plant gifts that drive home that point. Alternatively, take a more conventional approach by choosing orchid plants or flowering options over standard greenery. Nearly anyone will recognize the meaning of this floral gift. If a plant gift shows your love to its recipient, a flowering plant will make it undeniable. 

From CBD oil to bonsai, a great gift plant comes in a wide array of forms. Your mom might have a deeply rooted love of plants, or you may know a friend whose ideal plant isn’t a house plant at all—it’s a CBD product. Either way, your recipient will undoubtedly love their special plant gift, if only because it came from you. But, then, with the added impact of the thought you’ve put into your plant-themed present, there will be no denying that you genuinely care. If nothing else, it’s a wonderful way to offer a meaningful gift that you won’t have to wrap! 

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