Ways to Improve Security of Home – Low–cost smart ideas

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Do you know, it only takes a hammer for the burglar to break into your safe sanctuary? You can’t stay calm and composed with this bit of information, right! So it’s best to work towards enhancing home security. Setting up the home security system sounds like an over-the-top project. Actually, it’s not! 

You can improve home security by making some simple and smart choices. In this discussion, we will explore some low-cost ideas to improve home security. 

Invest In An Alarm System

Ways to Improve Security of Home - Low–cost smart ideas The alarm is a quite conventional but super-effective way of keeping your home safe from unwanted break-ins. 

The burglars don’t want to draw attention therefore they don’t generally mess with the security system. Some intruders might know how to disable the security system but an active alarm system sure makes the entry a bit harder and time-taking. While the would-be burglars prefer easy targets. So make sure to invest in an alarm system to make your home a tough spot for intruders. Advanced technology alarm systems are now easily available that send alerts even when disabled. Install state-of-art alarm systems to strengthen your home security system. 

Choose Security Glass Over Ordinary Glass 

Ways to Improve Security of Home - Low–cost smart ideasWindows are the favorite entry points for the crooks. Why is that so? Because window glass can easily be broken providing an open entry to the intruder into the house.  So be mindful of which type of glass you are using in the windows and doors.  

Ordinary glass can easily be broken into pieces with one or two hard blows. It’s super easy to get through the simple glass windows. But thanks to technological advancements, different variants of glass are available in the market now. Security glass is one of them. It is manufactured through a comprehensive process that turns the ordinary glass into a fortified one. The security glass is strong enough to stand the impact of handheld weapons, projectiles, and even bullets. In addition to its super-strength, the security glass is designed in a way that it stays in the frame even when broken to prevent entry. Choose security glass for your windows and doors to block the intruder’s way in. 

Update the LocksWays to Improve Security of Home - Low–cost smart ideas

The security of our homes relies mostly on the locks. So it’s important to keep them working.

If a lock becomes inoperative, change it immediately. But even if the locks are apparently working fine and it has been a while since you are living with the same door and window locks, conduct a detailed inspection. Check each and every lock in the house. See if any of them is damaged, rusty or defective. Check if a lock can be opened with another key. Especially examine your exterior locks. Test if the exterior locks are easy to pick or open. If the locks don’t pass all these tests, it’s high time for you to change and update the locks. Replace the faulty locks with better security seals. Get deadbolts for your exterior locks.

Ditch the Hide-A-Key TrickWays to Improve Security of Home - Low–cost smart ideas

Hide-a-key is convenient but very common now. The prevalence of this tactic makes it a big security breach for the home. 

To hide a key, you have to put the key in a place close to the door which makes it easy for the burglar to guess and find it out. So forget about the hide-a-key trick. Get duplicate keys and give them to the family members. Or get a smart door look that can be opened with a unique user code. Share the code with your family and trusted friends. An inexpensive combination lockbox can also be used to avoid placing the key near the door. Install the lockbox in a concealed place, put the key in the code-protected box, and cut out the whole hide-a-key practice. 

Pick Up the Tab For Security CamerasWays to Improve Security of Home - Low–cost smart ideas

Security cameras are pretty effective in driving the intruders away. The burglars mostly skip places with security cameras.  But sometimes they can disable the cameras. Due to these reasons, many people and organizations also use fake cameras to shoo the intruders away and install real cameras in concealed spaces. This trick makes it hard for the crooks to differentiate between the real and fake cameras and then disable them. 

Doorbell camera serve as a 24/7 guard. Get cloud storage cameras. They provide live footage as well as older coverage. You can also go through your videos to see any suspected activity near your space. A camera in the front side, backyard, and garage would be enough to secure the home. 

Trim the Trees And ShrubsWays to Improve Security of Home - Low–cost smart ideas

A green landscape sure serves as an appealing sight but it can also turn out to be the hideaway for a potential burglar. The bushy trees and overlooked shrubs grow out to be the perfect hiding place for the intruders. So make sure to keep your trees and shrubs perfectly trimmed. Tall trees can effectively block the view so grow small plants and flowers to get a full view of what’s happening around. Remove the trees or extra shrub growth from near the windows. Don’t forget the backyard. Keep it decked and add security signs even if you don’t have a security system. Just fake it till you make it. You can also employ fences in the front landscape and backyard to make it hard for the intruders to get in. 

Light It Up!

A criminal never wants to be seen. Most crimes happen at night due to this fact. Use their vulnerability against them. Light up your home and surroundings. Make sure that your home interior, exterior, and backyard are well-lit, even when you are not at home. Lights give the impression that the residents are in there so the intruders don’t dare break-in. Step up and invest in a smart lighting system so that you can operate the lighting system when not at home. 

Make Your Home Safe!

Making your home safe is not a tough call. You just have to be smart with your choices and strategies. Be aware of the surroundings, gradually keep on adding to your home security and make your home the safest place for yourself! 

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  1. Very great tips – thank you for sharing. By the way, I would recommend using wireless surveillance cameras for the security of your home. The thing is that they are less susceptible to physical damage. Often intruders cut the wires of cameras to remain unidentified. This is excluded here.

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