Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

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I am going to brag for a moment about my two year old and how amazing she is when it comes to bed time… but only because she has two siblings before her that gave me years of hair pulling when getting them to bed. This sweet girl of mine perks up when I mention it is bedtime, does not fight about getting pajamas on, and willingly grabs her toothbrush. My first two were the complete opposite and there were some nights I thought they would never go to sleep. There is so much I have learned over the years that have made parenting my third child a breeze. I am wiser, more experienced and I know a thing or two about ways to help a toddler unwind before bedtime. So here are some helpful tips and advice if you are struggling nightly to get your toddler to sleep.

Play A Quite Time Activity

Before you even start the bedtime routine, I suggest playing a quite time activity! Here are a few examples to get you started on some ideas for what works best for your toddler:

Sorting Colors: Whether you have colored blocks or pieces of construction paper, sorting colors is a great quite time activity before bad. This is a fun, low-key educational game that can be enjoyed in so many different ways, just use your imagination and creativity!

Busy Bags: Gather together a container full of fun and easy busy bag items in your child’s room. Try to keep only 2 or 3 activities in there at a time and rotate them every couple of weeks. This will keep your toddler from becoming overwhelmed and ensure that there is always something new and fun offered.

Puzzles: The chunky puzzles are great for toddlers and something all three of my children have always enjoyed during their younger years.

Cars: Does your toddler love cars? Draw a special car play-mat on a piece of cardboard with roads for your toddler to drive their cars along. Have special blankets for your daughter’s favorite baby that only come out at quiet time.

Dolls: Have you tried encouraging your toddler to pretend play bedtime with their dolls or stuffed animals? This is always a great way to introduce bedtime to a toddler, while giving them some free time to use their imagination.

Take A Relaxing Bath

While this isn’t something that need to become a nightly routine, this is defiantly a great thing to do on those nights your toddler is a little more wound up than usual. Prepare a bubble bath with essential oils like lavender and chamomile and encourage them to lie back and float in the water. If you’re washing their hair, this is the perfect opportunity to give a gentle scalp massage.

Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

Read A Book or Two

I  have always loved reading to my children when they are toddlers! I feel like this is the age where they finally become interested in books and they are so excited to see what is going to be on the next page… no matter how many times you read it. Make story-time a relaxing experience. Cuddle up with some pillows and blankets, dim the lights (or use just a very bright night light) and choose a calming book to enjoy together. Read to your toddler for at least ten minutes, keeping your voice relaxed.

Again, I highly recommend either dimming the lights or using a bright night light near the bed while reading. Too much light right before bedtime may prevent your toddler from getting a good night’s sleep. We have been using the GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights and they are exactly what we needed in a house that three children occupy.

Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

These night lights are easy to install, simply plug them into the wall and they ready to use! They are motion-sensing night lights that automatically turn on when motion is sensed up to 20 feet away, and then turns off after 90 seconds of no activity. What is really great about the light’s motion-sensing and light-sensing technology is that there is no wasted light. This helps me to keep our energy bill low by using just pennies worth of electricity per year. You also don’t have to worry about little fingers getting near them because the night lights feature 40-lumen, long-life LED bulbs that stay white and bright, while always being cool to the touch.

Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

Not only do these night lights provide the perfect lighting for reading with my toddler before bed… but they provide a sense of safety and security when navigating the house during the night hours. My children can get to the restroom if needed and I don’t have to fight to find a light when navigating at night. I don’t have to worry about wasting energy with lights that are on all night… it truly is the perfect solution for an efficient nighttime lighting.

Just look what a great job it does lighting up the hallway so there are no more stubbed toes!

Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

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Ways To Help Your Toddler Unwind Before Bedtime

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